A Helpful Guide to Applying for UK Citizenship by Naturalisation

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The time has finally come where I can apply for my UK Citizenship and I thought I would document my process so you know what to expect when applying. The Indefinite Leave to Remain application prepared me for this phase of the process and I used some of the evidence I gathered for that in this application.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience (I’m not a lawyer or immigration advisor) and you should seek professional legal advice if you are unsure. Go to GOV UK to check if there have been any changes to the visa rule & fees.

As things are changing (due 2020 events) with UKVCAS service please keep up to date with UKVI latest information and UKVAS.

How Long Does It Take to Get British Citizenship?

As the routes to citizenship vary this can either be a few years to over 10 years. For me to become a British citizen I have spent five years living here on a UK Ancestry Visa and one year living here on Indefinite Leave to Remain before I could apply for citizenship and now I am waiting for my application to be approved. The whole process will be about six and a half years.

How Can I Apply for UK Citizenship?

There are several ways to apply for British citizenship, the most common ways are:

  • If you were born in the UK
  • You have a British parent
  • You have indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
  • You have ‘settled status’ under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • You have ‘permanent residence’ status
  • You’re married to or are in a civil partnership with, a British citizen
  • A few other exceptions  

If you are applying for UK citizenship through indefinite leave to remain (ILR), settled status, permanent residence or married to or in a civil partnership with a British citizen then the information in this article will be applicable.

Before You Start Applying

There are a few steps you should complete before starting the application, they are:

  • Pass your ‘Life in the UK Test’ also known as the citizenship test
  • Have two referees – one needs to be on the list of professional standing and can be of any nationality (see document section for more details)
  • Prove your English language ability (unless exempt)

Make sure that you get the Life in the UK test and English language requirement done as soon as possible, these can take a bit of time to prepare for. I was lucky, I did my Life in the UK Test as a part of my ILR and Australia is exempt from the English language requirement. All I had to do was find two willing people to be my referees and find the confirmation that I have passed the ‘Life in the UK Test’.

Documents You Should Read

Here are all the documents I found useful when applying and explaining some of the rules and requirements. They are also linked in the sections where I used them as a guide to apply or meet a certain requirement.

Applying Yourself or Using a Company For Your UK Citizenship?

For this application, I applied by myself as it was pretty straight forward. If you feel more comfortable going via a company then definitely do it. If you have a complicated application you should look to getting advice from a lawyer or immigration advisor to help the success of your application.

If at any point you are unsure do read the documents issued by the Home Office, contact the UKVI or hire an immigration lawyer.

British Citizenship Application Form

Prerequisite Information

Before commencing the application there are several details I suggest you gather ahead of time. This will make the application a lot quicker than digging around that document’s cabinet each time a lengthy question pops up.

Here is the evidence I gathered before filling out the application form (not in order):

  • Previous addresses for the past 5 years including the dates that you lived there from and to
  • National Insurance Number
  • Passport
  • Parent’s details like DOB and place of birth
  • Referee details which includes full name, addresses for the past 3 years, DOB, job title, phone number, email address and passport number
  • Tax reference which will be on your recent payslip
  • Work History (UK only) – 10 years – including start/end dates and address. This will be different if you run your own company
  • Previous application details – date applied, reference number, date of fingerprints
  • Time outside the UK (that was more than two days) with country, reason, entry and exit dates (holiday or work trips and I needed to provide 5 years)
  • Identity card (if you have one)
  • Degree information (if you have one)
  • English test information (if required)
  • Biometric details

Filling in the Application

To fill in the online application here.

The paper version is for people applying from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or a British Overseas Territory or you can use this form if you wish to post your application and documents.

There is digital support for anyone needing help filling out the application (this is not for advice or questions).

You should also read:

The form itself is relatively simple to fill out once you have the information to hand. My fingers did get a little sore entering in all my holidays!

One thing to note; my friend made a mistake when he was filling in his application in that he accidentally put an unrealistic date, say 2035 or similar, meaning the form showed that he had over 4,000 days outside of the country. There is no verification so if I put 1990 it still allows me to enter that date. Just make sure that you check that it’s the right date and year in your application. Otherwise, it will show you that you’ve had way too many days outside, but his application was still approved even though he did that.

Here Is The Video Guide on Filling Out The Online Form

In this video, I go into all the questions and answer that pop up in the form.

Original or Copies?

Let’s start with a question I get asked a lot! Do you need originals or can they be copies? It states in the application (copied directly from the document section):

You must provide your documents after you submit your application, these can be originals or copies. Any passports provided must be originals.

You will be able to upload copies of your documents on our commercial partner’s website, or you can take your documents to your biometrics appointment to be scanned and uploaded by our commercial partner for a fee.

Your application may be rejected if you do not provide all mandatory documents. If your application is rejected due to documents not being provided, it will not be considered and an administration fee for each person included in the application will be deducted from your refund.

Documentation Required

Once you have filled in all the questions you will reach the documentation screen. The checklist will cover all of the information you need to provide based on your answers. For the most part it will be similar to mine, but they may ask you to provide other documents if you’re applying via marriage or civil partnership.

All the titles and italics in this section of the article are the documents required by the Home Office for my application and what I have provided to meet these.

On the application it states that you should tick each document to confirm that you have read the requirement, even if you cannot send it. If you are unsure about any of the evidence, read the guidance.

This AN form guide will also give you information on evidence to provide as a part of your application and super helpful!

The passport issued by Australia

Easy, I will provide my passport.

The Australian passport, identity card or official letter to prove the level of English language required

Again, I will be providing my passport for this as Australia is exempt.

Interestingly I have had a few comments from other people saying when they submit their degree information and are from an exempted country it is still prompting them to provide evidence. The advice is to click ‘NO’ to the degree to get around the NARIC prompt on the document list and then write a covering letter with the application to explain why this had been selected (glitch). Please check with UKVI beforehand.

If you are someone that needs to prove this requirement, then UKVI will only accept English language qualifications from the Home Office approved list of acceptable qualifications.

You can find more about the information here:

Proof of freedom from immigration time restrictions

  • Your passport showing permission to remain permanently in the UK
  • The Home Office letter by which you were given permission to remain permanently in the UK

For this one, I have my passport and Home Office letter when I was granted ILR.

Just to note, the information in the checklist isn’t updated to reflect the BRP cards, here is a statement from UKVI:

You’ll usually have applied for indefinite leave to enter or remain. You’ll have a stamp in your passport or a letter from the Home Office. You could also have a ‘vignette’ (sticker) or a biometric residence permit.

Source: Gov.UK

Therefore it was really my BRP card that I needed to provide for my application, at least it was included already!

Life in the UK Test pass notification

Previously completed as a part of my ILR so thankfully didn’t have to do the test again and just provided my pass notification.

When you went for the test in the past your were issued with a pass letter, however, they now just issue you with a number that you enter into your application. This should be emailed to you roughly 10 minutes after you have passed the test.

Current Biometric Residence Permit

Easy, I have one this time!

Proof of living in the UK

  • If you are married to, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen, you must have been in the UK for the past 3 years.
  • If you are not married, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen, you must have been in the UK for the past 5 years.
  • If you are an EEA National, you need to include letters from employers, educational establishments or other government departments, indicating your presence in the UK during the relevant 3- or 5-year period.
  • If you are a Non-EEA National, you need to include your passport to prove you have lived in the UK for the relevant 3- or 5-year period.
  • If you do not have your passport or it was not stamped when you entered the UK, you need to include letters (for example, from your employer or government department) as proof.
  • Bank statements or household bills are not suitable proof you have been living in the UK. I get asked this a lot and no you cannot provide these as evidence.

I went a little over re the evidence for this one. I do have both my passports that were mainly stamped on all my entry and exits but I was worried that this wouldn’t be enough, so I included:

  • All my P60’s since living in the UK (6 in total). If you do not pay tax through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) arrangements, then provide your most recent HM Revenue & Customs Self-Assessment Statement of Account.
  • HMRC Letter stating the tax I paid from my ILR application.
  • Two employment letters, one from my ILR and a new one.

To get an HMRC letter is really easy just 0300 200 3300, ask for 5 years’ worth of employment history to be sent to you in a letter. This is the same letter HMRC will provide you if you have lost your P60’s so if you have any gaps do this as soon as you can. It takes roughly a week to arrive.

All of these documents prove that I have been living here, paying taxes and working. Plus, they are not bank statements or household bills.

Two referee declarations

The part of the application, in my opinion, is more difficult, before we get to the detail, I have two wonderful friends to be referees and they met certain criteria. I provided two signed forms and passport photos with my name/DOB on the back of the photo. 

Details of Good Character requirement can be found here.

Who can be a referee for British citizenship?

At the time of applying the Nationality Policy: general information – all British nationals stated that:

  • One referee should be a person of any nationality who has professional standing.
  • A British citizen passport.
  • Over the age of 25.
  • Known you for over 3 years. (To read more about the 3-year requirement, read page 10 of this document).
  • Willing to give their information such as passport, three years of addresses etc.

The referee must also:

  • not be a relative.
  • not be a solicitor or agent representing you on this application.
  • not be related to the other referee.
  • not be employed by the Home Office.
  • not have been convicted of an imprisonable offence during the last 10 years (unless that conviction can be disregarded in line with the table shown in the Guide).
  • advise the Home Office of any reason why the applicant should not be registered.

British Citizenship Referee Professional Standing

Here is the Professional Standing list that one of your referees must be.

British Citizenship Referee Form

I was searching for this form for ages, turns out even though documents page requests you tick the box the form will only be given to you in the next part of the application. You can also search online as well, here is a copy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Referees

On my YouTube channel I get asked a lot of the same questions so I thought I would encorporate my answers into this post to.

  • Who fills in the form: the referee fills in the form.
  • Where do I put my referee details: You add the information in the online application. I show an example somewhere in this video around the 5:40 mark: https://youtu.be/RfIxdedOZJE
  • Why do I need to have 3 years of addresses and passport number of my referee? The online application form asks for this so I provided as requested.
  • Where do I upload my referee form: I uploaded this with my other documents on the UKVCAS portal. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/MRIchfmFW64
  • Can xyz professional be included: Contact UKVI if you are unsure if your referee meets the requirements.
  • Does the non-UK referee need to based/work in the UK or they can be based aboard? They need to be living in the UK.

Evidence of identity

You must include one of the following:

  • your passport
  • your national identity card
  • your Home Office travel document
  • your Home Office entitlement card
  • your Home Office ARC letter
  • your BRP card
  • your birth certificate
  • your driving licence

You must include evidence you have legally changed your name if it is now different to the one on your supporting document.

If you took the Life in the UK Test and used one of the above documents as evidence, you should use the same one here.

I used my old passport as my proof of identity when I took my Life in the UK test, so I included that plus my most recent passport. Additionally, they need my BRP card to support another requirement so that should meet everything.

Here’s The Video Guide Covering The Documents You Need For Your Application


The next step of the application is the referee declaration which are the downloadable forms I mention above and confirming the information you provided is correct. Once you are happy, tick the boxes and you will be taken to the payments screen.

Pay (British Citizenship Application Fee)

Unlike ILR you will not get the option to speed up the process and it will be the standard service you choose. To become a British citizen by naturalisation will come to a total of £1,349.20 which is £1,330 for the application and £19.20 for the biometrics.

You will get a warning/ bold statement at this point saying that once you pay there is no going back on the application.

Next Steps

The biometric appointment is the next phase of the application process, you can read more about it here. There will be future articles covering Citizenship Ceremony and applying from your British passport.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience (I’m not a lawyer or immigration advisor) and you should seek professional legal advice if you are unsure. Go to GOV UK to check if there have been any changes to the visa rule & fees.

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150 thoughts on “A Helpful Guide to Applying for UK Citizenship by Naturalisation”

  1. Hi Kat,

    I was granted ILR last December under BC partner route 5 years and approved in a letter dated 4th sept for the naturalisation (end of July application). Ceremony will be at the end of November. Your posts have been really useful to people like me and I bet most people visited your blog!

    Anyway to Chrystelle’s question, I provided my bank statement (any date for past 6 months) and payslips with your address on them. As the system is live online now, you’ll be given opportunity to upload all the relevant documents for the application and they’ll double check again when you’re attending the biometric enrolment thingy.


  2. Hello.

    First, I would like to thank you for sharing your experience with us, that help’s a lot.
    I have a question, if you don’t mind, please: on the online application, can I save the process at certain point and then continue the application on different days?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for your very helpful blog. I am planning to apply for the British Citizenship soon and as part of the application, do I have to hand in my passport and the Biometric Resident Permit card that I got as part of the ILR? Or, is the process the same as the ILR that we need to scan and upload the documents only? The reason I am asking is that the application could take between 2-6 months and if we hand in our passport, then that means we cannot travel outside UK?

  4. Hi Sayed,
    It’s the same process as ILR with uploading and submitting documents. You only take the documents to the biometric appointment (and yes you need to do another biometric appointment). My approval took a total of 16 days, not everyone is as quick but you should allow 2 to 6 months as you say. It actually taking me longer to get my certificate then the process (which is crazy).

  5. Hi Kat,

    I am applying for citizenship at the moment and need to know if my main referee has to be a professional – can that be my GP and what address do they provide for themselves as are my GP? Question 2: One of my other referees is a family friend but is living in France would this be a problem as she does have a british passport? Question 3: Do all referees have to have valid passports as in they havent expired? Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi Kat, for evidence of Proof of Freedom from Immigration Time Restrictions you state that either a passport showing freedom from the restriction OR the Home Office letter granting permission to remain permanently can be provided. My wife has just obtained ILR but the Home Office does not put a stamp in the passport confirming this, and the letter sent out after the grant does not even state that the application was for ILR and says that the biometrics card is the only proof of status. The Biometrics Card is therefore the only proof that she has permission to remain permanently but strangely this is not stated as one of the acceptable forms of evidence in the naturalisation guides. Then I noticed in the relevant screenshot of the online application guide that you provided, it states that you must provide either your passport or ” other – letter from Home Office, Biometrics Residents Permit, or other proof of exemption from immigration control”. This is important because for many the BRP card is the only evidence of freedom from time restriction that they have, and this is only stated on the online form.

  7. Hi Kat, thanks for the very useful guides that you have kindly provided. You state above that the paper form is only for people living in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and British Overseas Territories. The guidance also states ”or for people living elsewhere who want to use the form”. This does not make absolutely clear that UK residents can use the paper form instead of applying online so I called UKVI helpline and they did confirm that UK residents can apply using the form and post their evidence if they want to. This should be reconfirmed by anyone thinking of doing so because things can change. I think it is good that this option has been retained for all, because some either cannot use or are daunted by the online application process.

  8. Hi Mark, I copied what was on the checklist provided in my application which was on the online process and then provided evidence based on that so it’s good to have the extra information. Luckily the BRP needs to be provided anyway! Kat

  9. Hi Kat, thanks for the link to the Referees form provided above. The logistics of getting two Referee forms signed can be time consuming so it is good to have these all ready before starting the application rather than having to do it during the online process. Can you confirm that the form that is linked is the exact same form that you download during the online application and can be used for this application?

  10. Hi Mike, This was the form I used for my application and the form that was available in the checklist to fill out. Kat

  11. Hi Kat, which documents do you upload and which do you take to the biometric appointment please?

  12. I am not sure what you mean by original. Your referees need to sign the form and add your details to the passport photo. You submit with your other documents via the UKVCAS process.

  13. Hi Kat,
    This blog is very helpful. Thank you.
    You mention that the referees need to be “willing to provide passport info and 3 years addresses etc”. Where is this used or entered, as the form that referees fill in doesn’t require this information?

  14. Hi Kat

    Thank you for the detailed explanation of the process. I have two queries.

    My Ilr was granted on 1st March 2019. Am I to only submit the application for citizenship on 1st March 2020 or can I submit earlier ( 28 days earlier say first week of February) .

    And once we receive the approval letter , how long do we have to book the ceremony? Or is the period within which you need to book?

  15. Hi, there is no 28-day rule like ILR. I applied for mine on my 12 month anniversary. The ceremony process depends on your council, some will just automatically book you and others will want you to call. You have 3 months to attend a ceremony after the approval letter. Kat

  16. Thank you for that clarification and quick response,Kat . In your biometric blog you mentioned appointments could be available the very next week. Suppose I submit on 1st March would I be able to see slots the following -first week of March ? I mean will there immediate appointment slots available?

  17. If you submit your application on the 1st of March then you would see the appointments available for the next 28 days. If you want a free appointment then you may need to wait, these are only offered at the 7 core centres. If you’re willing to pay then there generally is quite a few appointments. It all depends on where you’re applying, centre size etc. etc.

  18. Thank you Kat . It’s just that I have travel plans . So was hoping to find a slot soon, probably the following week itself .

    Thanks again

  19. Hi Kate
    I’m European and I have e child under age. We have permanent residence card and sattlment status as well. Now I want to online apply for naturalisation only for my 3 child. Which forms I heve to fill? Form AN or MN1 please give me advice thanks.

  20. Hi Kat! I’m trying to get British nationality through my mother.
    I’ve never been to the UK, so I don’t have any referee with British passport. What could I do?

  21. I reply to myself. I found this: “where the applicant is living outside the UK and does not know a British citizen passport holder who is a professional or over the age of 25, a commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the country in wich they are residing may complete and sign the form providing they meet the other requirements and the consul considers their signature to be acceptable”

  22. Hi Kat,
    Firstly thanks for the post. Really helpful.
    I had a question around photographs please. Other than uploading a recent passport size copy on both the referee declaration forms and then scanning it, are there requirements to have digital photos as well? If not, I can perhaps use the two passport photos for my british passport application later? Or do I need to arrange for not just physical but digital photos as well? Additionally, I believe there is no point putting name and DOB at the back of the photos given it’s all now done online? Many thanks,Rimli

  23. A digital photo is a part of the biometric process but you will need passport photos to get the referees to fill out. If you get them done at snappy snaps then they will give you an electronic copy but the passport application says they can’t be older than 30 days.

    The referee form still needs to be filled out. This isn’t digital, nor are the photos for this part.


  24. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for loads of useful information!
    There is one detail regarding referees I still cannot get; is that list like minmum requirement for professional standing? My potential referee might be a course leader but not exactly a teacher or lecturer; would PhD degree of that person play any role here?
    Many thanks

  25. Quick question on payment methods for online applications, is there flexibility in terms of card type (prepaid, debit credit)? In particular, is AMEX accepted?

  26. Hi Kat,

    Such a lovely body of information. I’m a bit stuck though – the section where it asks for first time of arrival into the UK.

    A little background – first came to the UK in 2006 on a student visa, carried on with an international graduates scheme visa then post-study visa and left in Jan 2010. I returned in August 2010 on a Tier 4 dependent visa. I then moved on to a Tier 2(general) visa in 2013 and since then been on route to Britain citizenship.

    It is confusing because in the ILR application the question is more straightforward,
    When did you (the main applicant) first enter the UK? This refers to the date of your first entry into the UK at the beginning of the period of stay on which this application is based – i put Sep 2013

    In the Nationality Forms guide (April 2019) it says “Enter the day you first arrived with a view to staying in the UK on a long-term basis, and the airport or seaport through which you then entered.” (Bear in mind I was already in the UK, hence no airport or seaport to indicate here).

    When I first entered as a student I was not certain i was going to be here on a long term basis.

    please what are your thoughts, what date should i use?

    Thanks kindly,

  27. Hi Kat,
    Thank you so much for such a helpful post. I was just wondering whether the UKVCAS scanned every page of your old and new passports when you went to get your biometrics done for your naturalisation. They scanned mine when I applied for my ILR and I’m just wondering whether this is still part of the the process at the appointment, seeing UKVCAS now charges much higher fees and the wait time for a free appointment at a core centre such as Croydon is at least a month now.

  28. Hi Kat,

    Many thanks for another useful blog (having used your one on ILR last year!).
    Was just wondering if you know if you can start filling out the application form online 70 days in advance of applying as with the ILR?

  29. Hi Roy,
    Glad to hear that it was helpful! You can start your application early, just submit on your 1 year anniversary :).

  30. I filled in the form and see the below in the list of required documents:


    I had the understanding that EU nationals with setteld status of a year or more do not need a permament residence card to apply?

  31. I filled in the form and see the below in the list of required documents:

    ”You must have a permanent residence card before you can apply for citizenship Apply for a permanent residence card.”

    I had the understanding that EU nationals with setteld status of a year or more do not need a permament residence card to apply?

  32. Hi kat, I would like to ask you if I can use an solicitor that I have had helped me in the past to be one of my referees?
    Hope you can help me to clarify this little question. Many thanks

  33. I am not sure. There is nothing in the requirements other than “not be a solicitor or agent representing you on this application”.

  34. Hi Kat, first of all I thank you so much for uploading informative videos on you tube . I have 2 questions for naturalisation form .
    1- 10 years employment history as proof of residence in UK, is for those applicants who are applying naturalisation on base of long residence that is normally 10 years ?
    2- My second question is , I am non Eu citizen have ILR under EUSS settlements scheme as family of EEA/EUCITIZEN. Do I need to provide only last 5 years employment or 10 years because in online , it asks to provide 10 years employment history even i am living in UK since 2011 and never been overstayed. IS HMRC 5 years history letter and some letters from my previous employer are enough ?
    Thank you

  35. Hi Nabeel,
    In the online application they state that you need to add up to 10 years of UK employment history. I only added 6 as I had only been here since 2013 so you will need to enter your jobs from 2011 until now.

    As per the checklist the evidence says: “If you are an EEA National, you need to include letters from employers, educational establishments or other government departments, indicating your presence in the UK during the relevant 3- or 5-year period.”



    thank you kat for reply.. I just started to complete employment history in online application and one confusion about start and end date of employemnt. I came in October, 2011 on Student visa and from April 2012 to date , i am on differet employments. My question is that, Should i fill up details from first employment to current employment? or from most recent employment to oldest one or first one.
    Secondly, what would be end date of current employment because there is no option to tick on current job . there is only start and end date . if leave a end date box , it cannot be proceeded. kindly guide me also where to mention duration of education as proof of residence? thank you

  37. If you watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfIxdedOZJE&t at 7.37 I go through how I filled in my employment details.

    The video above walks through exactly how I filled mine out, your will change based on your information. Go through every question and answer it correctly so that the form adjusts to your answers and provides the right boxes.


  38. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for this – this is so helpful!

    1. I came to the UK as a student in 2013 – for the years 2013-2017 I do not have P60s as proof of Living in the UK – would in this case bank statements work as proof of living in the UK in this case?

    2. In the case of BRP – I got my settled status last year but did not apply for the Biometric Residence card. They sent an email with a letter that does provide the fact that I have ILR but it does say in bold “this letter is not proof of your status” – do you think uploading this would be acceptable in any case? Given the COVID situation I don’t think I would be able to get a BRP anytime soon..

    Many thanks in advance!

  39. Hi Kat
    Thanks for taking the time to explain the process and answering some of the queries.

    Here is one more, can I use council tax bill as 5 years proof of residency, I’m non eu national and i have ILR for 10 years.

    Many thanks

  40. I guess they are a government body as long as you feel that it’s proof to meet your application needs.

  41. Kat,
    Do you have any info on people who can get Dual Citizenship through a parent?
    In my case my mum who is a UK citizen born there to English parents.
    I lived in the UK from about the age of 1 till I was 18. I’ve filled out most of the application but having difficulty in figuring out which documents to submit and if I can send copies.
    Hope you can help or shoot me in the right direction as the gov.uk site is pretty vague in assistance.

  42. Hi Kat,
    Thank you so much for your website, videos and articles and I have found these to be extremely helpful . I actually managed to submit my form without any other help apart from your website and videos.

    My question is quite silly actually but I just want to be careful in case I get my application rejected for something silly. On the referee forms , its asks to have the name and date written at the back and then glued to the form…So my question is do need to scan this page twice, once with the the photos turned over to show the date and name or did you just glue yours and scan it once with the photo in place.

    Silly question I know , but I just want to make sure that I get it write, thanks once again !

  43. Hi Kat, thanks for this extremely helpful guide for the citizenship application.
    Two questions please:
    – Do you think is there any problem if the referee declaration forms have been signed by the referees on a date before the application submission date online?
    – Should the referees just put the applicant’s name and DOB on the back of the photos or they also need to sign them?

    Thanks very much.

  44. Hi Chris,
    – Do you think is there any problem if the referee declaration forms have been signed by the referees on a date before the application submission date online? My referees signed before I submitted my application.
    – Should the referees just put the applicant’s name and DOB on the back of the photos or they also need to sign them? – Just name and DOB.

  45. Hi Simba, Not silly at all. I scanned this page twice, once with the photos turned over to show the date and name. Kat

  46. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge through this really helpful blog.

    Could you please help with a question I have?

    I’ve made a mistake in my application. Is it possible to edit the application once I’ve paid for it? I’ve tried ringing the Customer Services for Sopra Steria (the outsourcing company) but haven’t been able to get through to them even after 2 hours of being in the queue!


  47. Thanks so much for the info I used your ILR post and applied on my own in 2019 and now will do the same for citizenship u are my hero xxxx

  48. Hi Kat, thanks for this extremely helpful guide for the citizenship application.
    Two questions please: 1st parent detail i dont have exect date of birth of my parents they both passed away long time so i can just put approximate date of birth 2nd emplyment in additiont emplyment i m director of 2 companies but systen not allow me to put current dates its just require start date and end date please check mit carefully im trying to solve these issue last 3 weeks

  49. Hey Kat,
    Thanks so so much for this!
    I am an Australian currently applying after 5 years +1 year ILR.
    Two questions if you don’t mind (and apologies if you’ve covered these!)
    1. Do I have to say yes to “Have you made any previous UK immigration applications in the UK or abroad? (Required)” I imagine my IRL was one but as I just put in my biometric details on previous page I figured that was covered?
    2. Inputting all my absences in manually. I did this for IRL already and have a doc. Do you know If I can upload it as a doc to save putting in loads of trips one by one?
    Thank you again and hope you’re doing well.

  50. 1. Yes, because I had previously applied for my UK Ancestry.
    2. I re-entered mine in and uploaded an up to date spreadsheet.

  51. I’ve never come across this issue so don’t know the answer. To me, the most logical thing to do is put your primary job and then the evidence will show two jobs. However, this is just my thought process and not official guidelines.

  52. Once the application is submitted there is no way of editing the form. The only option is to cancel and go through the process again.

  53. Hi Kat,

    First, I really wanted to thank you for sharing with us your citizenship application story – I find your videos and blog posts very helpful and reasuring.

    I have a question in regards to the ‘previous addresses’ part of the application – should I just include the addresses where I have lived in the last 5 years only or should I include all the addresses I have lived at since I moved here ( 12 years worth of addresses)?

    Thank you so much for all your help.

  54. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for providing such detailed information on the process. This is by far the most helpful guide I have read.

    Could you please share few things I was wondering about:
    – How long before submitting you online application did you start filling it in? How long do you reckon the optimal time is?
    – How long after you submitted your application did UKVI contact you to ask you to provide your supporting documents?
    – Do any of the copies of documents scanned need to be certified? Do they take your original passport or they only need a scan of it too?

    Thanks and keep up the good work on your blog! 🙂

  55. Claire Titmuss

    Hi Kat
    Thank you so very much for all the information you have shared with everyone. I am going to be applying for citizenship soon and wanted to ask if you included tenancy agreements as proof or address and residency at all? Thank you!

  56. Hi Kat

    Thank you for being so knowledgeable and helpful with this. I don’t know if you can help at all but I have a few random questions. 1. I have ILR and got married, however haven’t changed my name yet because I didn’t know how complex it would be to process my application if I did. Is there an option to apply if you have changed it or will my details not match and cause problems?
    2. I have been self employed and filed taxes etc but it was a good few years ago I don’t have loads of documentation from this point. Is there anything specific that they will need to support this apart from my tax filing?

    Any info would help but I totally get you may not have the answers to this.

  57. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for your Response & Advice, it has been so helpful throughout this process.


  58. Hi
    I Have submitted my application with the two referee and one pull out, for the confirmation with the signature. Is there anything I can do
    Thank you

  59. Hi Kat!
    Good Bless you for all your contributions towards our concerns about this British Citizenship Process!
    I am due tomorrow for my Biometrics Appointment.
    Yesterday I have payed UKVCAS- Sopra Steria extra £49.99 to scann my documents before my actual appointment as I am anxious that I may not have everything at the face to face Documents Checking+ Scanning process ( tomorrow 11:30).
    Now I’ve received the email from them telling me:
    ” Mandatory documents missing. The following mandatory supporting documents could not be found, please ensure that ahead of your appointment you scan and upload these documents to the correct category:

    1) Evidence is required that applicant has been in the UK lawfully for qualifying period of 3 or 5 years. This should be evidence that applicant was here as a worker, student, self-employed, self-sufficient, retired or an incapacitated person and to be uploaded to ‘Other’ category.

    2) If applicant has spent the 3 or 5 year qualifying residence period in UK as a student or as a self sufficient person, and had comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI), a copy of their sickness insurance policy is required to be uploaded to ‘Other’ Category.

    The point is that I have uploaded 18 files from which I have used my ILR STATUS LETTER ( from the Home Office since 11th of March 2019 when granted ILR Status ) AND THE CODE OF ACCESS WITH MY DATE OF BIRTH WRITTEN MANUALLY FOR THEM, AS NO PDF AVAILABLE and they have to put that 30 days code and my DOB and will see my live pictute plus my SETTLE STATUS/ILR also I have scanned and attached all my HMRC Letters starting from: 2014-2015, 2015-2016….all until 2020-2021 with my TaxCodes on it, my current adress and employers that I’ve specified all of them in that long Application with Start Date and End date, that was so annoying for me as I am a Nurse. I am european also ( if that matters )
    Kindly would you tell me if:
    1) My HMRC Letters are enough to proof that I was in UK lawfully and constantly employed since 2014 and also as a proof of Residence ( as it’s logic if working constantly and have payed taxes it means I was in UK with no gaps, as per their Application Form Guidance???
    2) For the second observation made by them, ” If applicant has spent the 3 or 5 year qualifying residence period in UK “. Here I am lost…What shall I provide??? My Tenancy Agreements, are the HMRC Letters enough? Is the ILR STATUS LETTER enough? A screenshot with my NINO from the HMRC WEBSITE, as they don’t have it on pdf format there.
    Because if a human being will look at my 18 files uploaded, it will see the continuity and that all the required sections were covered, maybe not exactly as they expected as is not very clear in which section to put what. It’s only: Upload a File and some categories that I don’t need them all, as per my DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST received after submitting the British Citizenship Application and made the £1340 ?! payment.
    I need your help as I am affraid of being rejected if I don’t have other proofs.
    I apologize for the looong email but I don’t know how to make it more clearly.
    Thank you in advance 🤗

  60. Hi Raluca,
    Sorry for not getting back to you before your appointment! I hope everything went well and your application is underway!

  61. Rajwinder Chahal

    Hi Katie, can u tell me about my british naturalisation application. I had indifinate 2013 now2020.can u let me know which web site application form fill and what name the form.and how I fill my work history and tnc agreement is compulsory. Thx

  62. This is all linked in the article so I would suggest reading it in more details and you will find the answers. You can also watch my Youtube videos which walks through me applying.

  63. Dear Kat,

    Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to create this post. Judging by the many comments it is well-utilised – the Home Office should be paying you!

    No questions from me, just wanted to send my thanks. 😊 My appointment is coming up, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

    Best wishes,

  64. Hello Kat,
    I hope you are well.
    I have applied for British citizens but I put the old passport number of the referee before and I have submitted the application already.
    Now she changes surname and she has a new passport number and how
    can I correct the detail of the referee again, please? or can I write the cover letter with the correct detail of referee to declaration and scan them with all my document when I have Biometrics.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    kind regards,

  65. Hi
    Kat lovely video and well explained. I like to thank you for make the video. I am having one query. If you are a worker and work for 6 years. Do you still need a comprehensive sickness insurance is it mandatory.
    Or only for students and self sufficient or member of EEA family.


  66. I’ve never gone through this process or know someone that has. The best thing would be to contact UKVI to confirm.

  67. Hello Kat,
    the perfect description of the process from a person who has gone through all the stages. Every applicant is different with different documentation to provide hence everyone who reads your article asks lots of questions. I am one of them 😉

    I have had ILR for more than 12 years now and finally applying for Citizenship. I have filled the application print it out as ‘partially completed’ to check out if everything is ok. My question is about expired passport. I have had my passport extended many times and now embassy refused to do so because “…you have not been in the country for too long and we can issue you with one-way travel document and then you can ask Authorities for a new passport…”
    The question is whether the application can be refused due to expired passport? Although they asked about an ID in the application form which has no expiry date.
    You might heard some stories etc. Any info would be useful.
    Thank you.

  68. Hi Kat
    There is no expire date on my BRP because I had it on my passport.What shall I write on the form?

  69. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for posting this very informative video regarding naturalization
    I have ILR( Tier 2 , 5 years) + 1 year – coming from Asian country , going to apply for naturalization soon. I have few questions if you could help
    Under the immigration: Have you made any previous UK immigration application in the UK or abroad, this includes application for asylum in the UK.
    1) Shall I write Yes here, or I already mentioned this in BRP section so I can write NO here
    2) Also does it only mean ILR here??
    Many thanks

  70. Hi Kat,
    I found your advice is very helpful. I read everything even partly did my application. Thank you!
    I got stork with simple but important part of application-names
    I really hope you can help.
    I moved to the UK with name that I got after marriage and kept after divorce in my country. I never changed my name here and have ILR with this name.
    Online application does not include question What is your birth name.
    I clicked to add other name and I was confused by questions as it not very clear for me.
    1 They asked Other Given name which I never changed. When I left blank the system does not let me move to other page. So I typed my only one given name. Then Typed my maiden name.
    2. Why have you been known by another name ? There was not option My birth name. I chose option Marriage, typed the date when I changed my maiden name. I never entered using maiden name so answered No.
    3. They asked what is my birth name giving the choice between actual name and my maiden.
    I believe I probably did explain not clear.. If I do not add my other name there is no question about birth name in the application that I think is a very important.
    Could you help please!!

  71. Hi Kat, many thanks for your videos. I have one question though please. When you uploaded your documents for the citizenship, did you access your old UKVCAS account for the ILR, or you have created new one. I guess my question is, will the two applications’ documents overlap, or I would have a complete new account?

  72. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Quick question: Did you physically send the referee forms?



  73. Hi Kat
    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. I have a query. When you upload the passport, do l need to scan all the pages or just the first &last page please! In my passport, front page has my photo/number/ place of issue etc& the last page has details of my parents.
    Thanks in advance. Preethy

  74. Hi Kat,

    Please can you advise how shall I upload my covering letter for the application? I know with a paper copy it used to be easier as you could just enclose it in the envelope. My covering letter is longer than 500 characters the online application allows you to add any additional comments.

    Many thanks!

  75. Hi Kat,

    Thank you so much for sharing your videos, I have a question regarding the profesional referee, I used to work for his wife as babysitter, He is a Managing Director of of a Banking company, I have added his wife details in the employment section as she was my employer, they will have the same address, do you think is fine to use him as a referee? He’s not related right?

    Thanks for your help,


  76. Related means that they have a connection to you so your brother, sister, sister husband, cousin etc. Is there family related to you?

  77. It says it on the checklist, if your passport has been stamped then you need to upload those pages.

    If you are married to, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen, you must have been in the UK for the past 3 years.
    If you are not married, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen, you must have been in the UK for the past 5 years.
    If you are an EEA National, you need to include letters from employers, educational establishments or other government departments, indicating your presence in the UK during the relevant 3- or 5-year period.
    If you are a Non-EEA National, you need to include your passport to prove you have lived in the UK for the relevant 3- or 5-year period.
    If you do not have your passport or it was not stamped when you entered the UK, you need to include letters (for example, from your employer or government department) as proof.
    Bank statements or household bills are not suitable proof you have been living in the UK.

  78. Hi Kat,
    thank you very much for the help you are providing.

    Do you have any idea why they provide 2 different links to download the referee forms (1st_Referee_Declaration_MN1.pdf and 2nd_Referee_Declaration_MN1.pdf) even if the documents look the same?

    Then, if one of my referee is an Headmaster but he’s now in pension, does he still meet the requirement?


  79. Ramona Csilla Muhammad

    Hi Kat
    Thank you for details. Can you please tell me when home office recieve application when completed and fees paid online or after UKVCAS (finger print) appointment complete.which one is real date considered by home office.

  80. Hi,

    Thank you for this useful article!
    I am filling in my details and I am having a problem with the dates outside of the UK. I haven’t finished adding dates, but the application no longer gives me the option to add dates. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t been out of the UK longer than the requirements, but the system is not letting me add all the days I have been out of the country. Does it matter if I leave some dates out?
    Perhaps I should also add that I am currently married to a British citizen but we will start divorce proceedings soon. I have stated that I am married but I am trying to fill in all details for the past 5 years not just 3.
    Thank you for whoever can help!

  81. I am due for applying Naturalisation/Citizenship mid-november as I would have held ILR for 12 months by then. I came across this on UK gov page –
    You must have been physically present in the UK exactly 5 years before the Home Office receives your application. Your application may be rejected if you cannot prove this.
    ExampleIf the Home Office receives your application on 20 June 2022, but you were outside the UK from 10 to 25 June 2017, it would be rejected. You’d need to wait until after 25 June 2022 to apply.
    My question. is if I apply on Nov 15th 2020 and by the time I get an appointment and HO receives my application, say its Dec 1st 2020 and if I were on holiday out of UK on Dec 1st 2015 (have a valid visa in UK then too), does that mean they will reject my application because i was not in UK physically even though i held a valid visa in UK ?
    Would really appreciate response to this question as I am worried because I usually spend my holidays in Dec every year out of UK.

  82. Hi there,

    When filling the trips outside UK in the last 5 years, I’ve reached the maximum fields allowed (30) but I have more trips. How can I proceed in this situation?

  83. If I made a mistake in my form and I put that I lived somewhere two more months than I have and my supporting documents show the right dates, what should I do as I can’t edit my application now?

  84. I don’t have an answer for you. You can call them and see what they advise or wait to hear back on your application.

  85. Szeles Krisztian

    Dear Kat,

    I have a question. I submitted my application 10/10/2020. Do I need to send to HO my 5 P60s + payslips to cover my qualified period? (10/10/2015-10/10/2020)
    Or how many P60s and payslip will need them?
    Thank you for your answer in advance! Chris

  86. Hi Chris,
    You need to follow the checklist provided in the application and give evidence based on what you feel meets that. My article is just an example of how I did.

  87. Hi Kat,
    For the question “Have you made any previous UK immigration applications in the UK or abroad?” My IRL was one so I put the date and the reference number for that. When I continued, it was asking the same question again, should I yes for all my past visas, including my student visas from 2007? I don’t think student visas should be considered as immigration applications but I’m not sure. And I also don’t know any dates or reference numbers for those past visas either. Thank you.

  88. I included all the visa I applied for in my application so UK Ancestry and ILR. Student visa is still a visa that gives you the right to live/work in the UK whilst you are studying.

  89. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for your help. I am planning to apply for the British Citizenship next week, I would like to ask you if I can use referee for my UK citizenship application for someone lives in the same address as myself as he fulfil all the requirements to be referee?
    Hope you can help me to clarify this.
    Best regards,

  90. Hi, Thank you for this useful site. I am applying for my naturalisation and wondering how to provide evidence that I have been in the UK lawfully (I hold Italian passport and have PR, been in UK since 1994). We have our own company and I am a 1 of 3 directors of our Ltd company together with husband and a business partner. The company was formed in 2014. My question is, will it be acceptable to have an ’employer’ letter signed by either my husband or our business partner to confirm I am a Director of the company and have been working there since 2014 or would I be better to ask our accountants to vouch for me?

  91. Hi Kat,

    Thank you very much for all the info you have shared in this blog!

    One question about the letters from the employers as proof of living in the UK.
    Do you know if those letters need to mention that the role is UK-based? I just got the first letter from one of my previous employers and it doesn’t say anything about the role being UK-based. The letter just states my name, role and start and end dates.


  92. Hi Kat
    I am happy to get chance to text you here as I following your advice. but I am not sure about uploading my documents my self or to book for scanning service.
    I know how to scan and upload and . but they pushing me to book for scanning service to avoid any mistake.
    I need your advice.
    thank you

  93. Hi Kat,

    Im busy applying for my citizenship. When it comes to listing my trips, on most occasions I would visit multiple countries at a time, however you cannot list more than one in the box. What is the best way to go about accounting for the different countries?

    Thanks in advance

  94. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for sharing the very helpful info. Silly questions I got.

    Regarding previous applications, name in which you made the application- is it my name or the visa? I’ve seen two different answers on the internet and not sure what I should put down.

    And the reference number? – is the 9 digit on home office letter and on the top right of old visa sticker on passport? Or my BRP numbers or something start with PB or GWF?
    I had 5 different visa in the past in the past 10 years and find it difficult to know which one is the right one to enter on online application.

    Thank you.

  95. For both my IRL and Naturalisation I added them individually but on the form, it says something like add in the comments, then limits you to like 30 characters. TBH it confuses me of what to do each time so I just added each country.

  96. It’s honestly up to you, if you want comfort in someone checking it then it’s worth it. If you’re like me and comfortable with your application then don’t worry about it. I think it’s additional money for something I can do myself.

  97. No they didn’t. Just covered that I was employed, employment dates, my details like name etc. All the other evidence should support that you live in the UK like P60s etc.

  98. Dear all

    As many of you, I have more than 30 trips to fill in the form.
    I can see that some people have “uploaded” a file. Could you please tell me when we can do this ?

    Is it on the form application (before payment) ? Because I don’t see this functionnality.
    Or is it after in the process ? Therefore, I’ll put my 30 first trips, then I’ll upload this file later in the process.

    Thanks for your help,

  99. Hi Kat, thank you for sharing this info.

    Do you know when does the home office receive the application (the real date)? Is it when I complete and pay the fees online or after I attend the UKVCAS appointment for the biometrics and document upload?

    Thank you.

  100. Hi,

    I have the same question. When does the home office receive the application (the real date)? Is it when I complete, pay the fees online, book appt and upload documents or after I attend the UKVCAS appointment ?


  101. It’s a multi stage process, the date you submit i.e. pay the application is when it’s sent as you’ve applied. I submitted/ paid after my 12 month anniversary to meet the 12 months. Once you have had your biometrics then you can recieve a decision and this can be up to 6 months.

  102. It’s a multi stage process, the date you submit i.e. pay the application is when it’s sent as you’ve applied. I submitted/ paid after my 12 month anniversary to meet the 12 months. Once you have had your biometrics then you can recieve a decision and this can be up to 6 months.

  103. Hi

    Very useful article. I couldn’t find anything on the referee requirements in the AN guide. Is this no longer a requirement or am I missing something?

  104. Hi Kat!
    My question is regarding the days spent outside of UK. I fear putting the wrong dates for some of my trips abroad, or forgetting to include one, since I’ve done quite a few!
    Do you know if they cross check this information with the passport e-gates information, for example?
    Many thanks in advance

  105. Dear Kat,

    Thank you for your wonderful and helpful vlog. I just applied for my naturalisation few days ago. I am on the next steps which are uploading documents. I’ve acquired my permanent residence under a family member of an eea national. I know you have provided answers regarding this but I just wanted to make sure that I am doing it right. In one of the list proof of living in the UK for 5 years I am providing my P60’s but I am missing one for the year 2018. I think I lost it when I moved house before. Do I have to call HMRC to request for 5 years worth of employment history? Or a P45 for the year 2018 will be enough? Also what more proof do they need? Is it the bills? council tax? Gas &electric. What if I only have 2018-2020 bills under my name? Should I make a cover letter to say that I was living with my extended family and the bills are not under my name? I hope you can answer my questions. Thank you very much and God bless!

  106. Not sure I agree. If you’ve integrated your life in the UK then it should be easy enough to meet. The professional standing I get is harder but even Brits need someone on that list to verify who they are for a passport and they can be of any nationality as long as they live in the UK. At the end it’s all about proving that you have good character and how can someone overseas verify that you are if they aren’t a part of you life within the UK.

  107. It says in the checklist I had:
    If you are an EEA National, you need to include letters from employers, educational establishments or other government departments, indicating your presence in the UK during the relevant 3- or 5-year period.

    Bank statements or household bills are not suitable proof you have been living in the UK.

    The two ways you can cover the 2018 gap is contact your old work place for a copy or recieve a letter from the HMRC for your missing year. If you request a P60 or 5 years worth of employment history from the HMRC it will be the exact same letter. My sister lost 2 of her P60s and the only difference in the letters were dates of employment.

  108. I know the feeling, I had 60 lines worth of trips! One of my friends accidently put that he was out of the country for 2000+ days as he put the wrong year. For mine they had my passport to cross check as Australians get stamped. Not sure about whether they reference against boarder security. You could always upload a spreadsheet like I did for my application.

  109. Hi Kat,
    There is one question in the application:
    “Have you made any previous UK immigration applications in the UK or abroad?”
    The only application I made Previously was the application for Permanent Residency (Blue card).
    I had answer “yes” but now I’m thinking to changed it to “No”. Please can you advise.
    Thank you!

  110. Hi Kat,

    I have a question re proof of living. My wife is a home-maker. What evidence should i show for residency proof. Apart from Utility bills or Passport, i don’t have any other documents for her.


  111. Hi Kat,

    I submitted Passport, BRP, NHS letters and Utility Bills during ILR application process last year for my wife. Due to COVID we dont have any regular health check NHS appointment letters as well. Will bank statements work?


  112. Hi Kat

    Thank you for the detailed information.

    How old can the referee declarations be when you submit your application? Similar question for other documents, e.g. HMRC letter, how long before submission can you collect the documentation?

    I am planning to submit early Sep, but wanted to start prepping everything as early as possible.

    Kind regards


  113. Hi

    Thanks for this very useful content, Kat.

    I have arranged two referees. The second referee is my driving instructors, and I have been knowing him since 2013. I put my relationship with this referee as “driving instructor”. The first referee is actually my old college friend, knowing me for more than 20 years. Although, he is a professional guy but can I just say “a friend” in the relationship field on the online application form? Please advise me. Thanks

  114. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for such a greatful post and information.

    I have a quick question with regards to how to input your absences (time outside the UK). Do you count exit and entry date or just full days outside the UK?

    For example, if I was out on holidays from the 1st of Jan 2020 until the 10th of Jan 2020 would that be 10 days in total or just 8 days? I have read online that they only count the full days that you are away from the UK but I was wondering how I should input this in my application.



  115. Hi Kat, thanks for putting together this really helpful guide. I followed your ILR last year and that was approved in Dec 2019 so I’m now able to apply for citizenship. I basically have everything together from ILR application however had a couple of questions and would be interested to know your thoughts. Appreciate that any responses are not official advice but if you can help that would be great.

    1, I would like to apply in the next week especially whilst we are locked down however am moving in 6 weeks time. Do you think there is any issue with moving address whilst your application is being processed. Do they send anything to you? I know with ILR they couriered our BRP’s.

    2, Proof of Address – we have plenty of evidence for having lived in the UK however for our current poof of address we only have bank statements and payslips as we are just staying here inbetween moving in 6 weeks so not on any official bills.

    3, Referees – we have a few people I believe we can use though the list isn’t overly helpful because it doesn’t specifically mention that professions but surely being part of professional institute would constitute? We have various friends who are part of the following Chartered Insurance Institute, Certified Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Building. These aren’t specifically mentioned on the list but are professionals.
    Also I have read that you can have one British referee and another of any nationality. We have Irish friends who are Accountants and Physio and so they tick the professionals box. They have apparently done it before.

    4, How long did your application take? I know it says up to 6 months and obviously covid/lockdowns will be delaying things however just curious. I’d be tempted to wait until we move to make it easier but then 6 months basically takes away all of summer which I am optimistic might be open for travel this year.

    Any thoughts you have on the above would be most appreciated.

    Thank you, Lauren

  116. 1. Yes, the address you use on the application drives where your citizenship ceremony is held and the invitation letter.
    2. They don’t accept bills or bank statements so it’s your payslips in this case.
    3. I went with what was stated on the list, you would have to confirm with UKVI if they accept other professionals. It sounds like your Irish friend meets the professional requirements.
    4. I applied before COVID times and it was like 2 months from applying to getting my certificate. Most people seem to be waiting for their ceremonies which can be a couple of months.

  117. I mapped the dates I entered and exited as these were the dates stamped in my passport. I was well under the requirements as well so don’t really look into to much.

  118. It sounds like you are preparing too early in my opinion. I would wait until your are about 1-2 months away from submitting your application. The referee form shouldn’t be older than 6 months. I provided the HMRC letter that I had for my ILR so it was a year old, however, all my other evidence was dated around the time I submitted my application (minus P60 and HMRC letter).

  119. I can only tell you want the checklist says, it sounds like you should speak to an immigration lawyer to ensure you submit the right documents.

  120. Hi Kat,

    Thank you for pulling al this information together.
    Im just about to start the whole process and a bit confused.Im an EEA nationality anf have a settled status and a perm resident card already. Do i still need to have BRP? or this has been attached to my passport already?
    Also – i know this was mentioned before but still not 100% sure- about the referees.If i submit my application online how do i get the photo on to the application?And shall i ask the 2 referees to fill up the form themselves by hand and scan it or they should do it online?
    Many thanks,

  121. No you just need to provide documents to support you have EEA settled status. BRP card is just what they issue visa holders and there is a different process EEA.

    There is a form you download, linked in this article that your referee fills in but the application will give you a form like steps 4/5 in the screens. Then you upload that to the UKVCAS portal.

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