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About Kat

I’m originally from Perth, Western Australia, and I grew up exploring the state with my parents. From small towns to farms to the city, I’ve seen it all. When my dad moved overseas after my parents split, I was lucky enough to tag along and experience some incredible international travel.

Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Beach

My first overseas trip to Egypt in 2005 gave me the travel bug, and I’ve been itching to explore the world ever since. In 2013, I finally took the plunge and moved to the UK. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I knew it was the right one for me. Plus, with a UK Ancestry Visa, it made sense for me to give it a try.

The process of preparing for my move was a rollercoaster; not only was I moving out of home for the first time and add in the fact I decided to move 9,000 miles away. As a planner by nature, I was surprised at how unprepared I felt. But on August 22, 2013, I boarded a one-way plane to Athens and embarked on a three-month backpacking trip before arriving in the UK.

Once I arrived, reality hit me hard. I had to find a job, a place to live, and make friends – all while learning about the things I didn’t plan for. And to top it off, I was scammed and ended up with negative bank accounts. It was a setback, but I persevered and things eventually worked out.

In 2017, I launched my travel blog to share my experiences and lessons learned with others.

I believe that travel is one of the most enriching experiences we can have, and my goal is to inspire others to get out there and see the world. Whether you’re moving abroad, a seasoned traveller or just starting out, I hope my website will provide you with the tips, inspiration, and resources you need to make your next trip unforgettable.

Glaciers in Iceland
Glaciers in Iceland

Throughout my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to visit some incredible destinations, from bustling cities to remote wilderness areas. I’ve climbed the great wall of China with a torn ACL, explored the temples of Angkor Wat, visited the town of Dracula, glaciers in Iceland, lived in London and sampled delicious street food in countless places. Each trip has taught me something new and helped me to grow as a person.

On my website, you’ll find a mix of travel guides, destination reviews, and personal stories. I aim to provide practical advice that will help you plan your own adventures, as well as share my own experiences and insights. Whether you’re looking for budget travel tips, luxury travel recommendations, or anything in between, I’ve got you covered.

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