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Free Moving to the UK eBook

Before Moving To The UK You Must Pay Attention To These Crucial Facts

Here’s why this will be the quickest and easiest eBook you can read about how to move to the UK:

Hello Friend!

If you have thought about moving to the UK looking for a new life, expand your career, immerse yourself in a new culture or simply just for travelling then you’ve made the right decision!

My name is Kat and, 7 years ago, I took the biggest decision of my life and decided to move to the UK just like you are about to do.

My mission is to make the transition from your old environment to your new life as easy and fun as possible!

Making this giant step can be extremely hard especially if you are moving on your own or without knowing anybody in the country you will land.

Here are the common issues people experience when moving to the UK:

  • People are given the wrong information or can’t find the right one to help them move
  • People are unsure of which organisation will work for them and are concerned about being scammed

(DO NOT worry about this as I’ve got the solution to make your journey even easier.

  • People are deeply discouraged from moving to the United Kingdom as they are not provided with the proper tools and guidance to help them with the next step

I won’t let your motivation fly away from you!


London in the spring time wih Tower of London and other London iconic buildings.

If you want to know:

  • The exact same tips and tricks that allowed me to move to the UK (almost) stress less, effortless without regretting my decision
  • Useful groups and apps to help you expand your social circle EVEN if you haven’t arrived yet
  • Easy and quick explanations of what you really need in the UK: National Insurance Number and how to get it, How to open a bank account fast and easy and so on…
  • Much much more…

Are you ready to transition your life to the UK leave your email below. I will send your FREE copy of the eBook: “101 Guide to Moving to the UK” right away!

P.s.: Almost Forgot!

If you decide to find out more about how to move to the UK TODAY you will also be eligible for a FREE bonus :

  • Being part of Kat’s Gone Global’s SECRET mailing list!

P.p.s: This is not a common, boring, cluttered email-sending service but the powerful communication tool I’ll be using from now on to always keep you up to date with everything happening in the United Kingdom plus extra tips and suggestions such as:

  • How to find the right flat for you
  • What to do when entering in the UK
  • Quick hacks in order to find a job
  • Detailed and organized CHECKLIST always ready to use as you’re packing up
  • Much more!!

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