If you were born in a Commonwealth country, chances are that you have ancestral ties to the United Kingdom (UK). If it were your grandparent/s that were born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you may be eligible for UK Ancestry visa.

The visa allows you to work and live in the UK for an initial 5-year period. Not only does this visa cover you moving to the UK, but this visa can be extended to your family members or dependants (including unmarried and same-sex partners).

Let’s find out if you are eligible!

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and you should seek professional advice if you are unsure. Go to GOV UK to check if there have been any changes to the visa rule & fees.

UK Ancestry Visa Criteria

The UK Ancestry visa is quite simple and only has 5 requirements. If you are:

  • Commonwealth citizen.
  • Age 17 or older.
  • Can and intend to work in the UK.
  • Can adequately support and accommodate yourself.

And… As mentioned above, show your UK ancestral ties and provide proof that at least one of your grandparents was born:

  • In the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).
  • Before 31 March 1922 in what is now the Republic of Ireland.
  • On a British-registered ship or aircraft.

UK Ancestry doesn’t apply for generations before your grandparents, so if your ancestral heritage was your great grandma that was born in the UK then you would NOT be eligible to apply. If one of your parents was born in the UK see the article on applying for your ‘Right to Abode’ or alternatively you can apply for a UK passport.

Before you start applying

The earliest you can apply is three months before you plan to leave. Allow at least five to six weeks for the application process.

As you require savings to support the visa application and pay for the visa I suggest you start the saving process 6 to 12 months ahead of when you plan to apply. Below is the minimum financial requirements you will need to meet before applying for your UK Ancestry Visa.

I finally put together my UK Ancestry Application and explanation around the questions! Make sure you head over to get the details. 

Not sure what else you need to organise before you move? Be sure to visit my list of things to organise before moving to the UK.

UK Ancestry visa financial requirements

When I applied for my UK Ancestry visa application I was told that I needed to provide 3 months of bank statements showing that I had more than £1,600 in my account.

The GOV.UK website no longer specifies what the financial requirements are to meet the UK Ancestry visa. This is frustrating when you are trying to plan to save and provide the right evidence to be successful.

I would recommend following what the Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa financial requirements which are to provide a bank statement showing that you have at least £1,890 in savings per person. For example, if you are applying as a couple then you should have £3,780 between the two of you or a family of four £7,560. This is purely my recommendation as I mentioned above there is no longer any guidance provided on this from GOV.UK.

Ideally, the money should be in your bank for over three months

Visa Cost

The UK has now added an extra NHS charge to all nationalities applying for UK visa and this is an extra £200 per year. As the UK Ancestry visa is valid for 5 years the total cost will be £1,000 for the NHS fees plus the normal fee of £516.

There is still no official announcement on this and it’s December…
Keep an eye out on information from the Home Office. Please note that there is an increase is set to come into effect in December 2018 subject to Parliamentary approval. This will change the NHS fee from £200 per year to £400! 

Applying Yourself or Using a Company for Your UK Ancestry Visa?

At the time I applied for my visa the application appeared complicated and I didn’t want to muck it up, so I found a company to help me. I used Visa First, filled out the questionnaire and sent it off with all the relevant documents.

Since going through the process with a company and learning about the application it turns out it was easy! When my sister decided she was moving over I quickly and successfully helped her with the application.

My advice is not to let the forms scare you! It is an easy process.

Still keen on using a company then I would recommend using the following visa service like VisaFirst and 1stContact.

Do I Need Original Documents for my UK Ancestry Application?

Before we start let’s answer the fundamental question everyone wonders…

I find lots of threads asking whether the documents must be originals or copies can be supplied. As of the 5th of November, the Home Office now states “any evidence requested after this date can be originals or copies. However, if we require your passport it must be the original and not a copy.”

Documentation Required for Ancestry Visa Application

Recently I got my hands on the latest checklist of evidence you may require for your application. I’m so excited to be able to share this with you!

All documents provided with an application must be in English which will need a full translation that has been independently verified. 

Please note this should be tailored to your application and the answers you provide. However, you will need to provide the mandatory evidence like passport, finances, proof you are able to work and UK ancestry. 

Passport, Idenitiy and Residency 

  • Valid Passport or travel document.
  • Evidence of your permission to be in the country where you are applying from, if you are not a national of that country i.e. a valid visa or a VEVO printout or letter from DIBP (based on Australian residency).
  • Other identification documents i.e birth certificate or national identity card.

Evidence of Current Employment or Studies 

  • If you are currently employed, evidence of your employment and the total income stated on the application form like a letter from your employer, pay slips, tax returns/ business registration documents and business bank account statements. I included my employment contract to support the employment and finances. 
  • If you are studying then evidence to support this like letter from your university or school and other proofs of studies. 
  • If you were previously studying then evidence of qualifications obtained like a certificate of award, academic reference or transcripts. I didn’t provide any of my qualification but I know recent applicants that have, for example, documents to support they are an Australian Account. 

Evidence of Finances

  • Evidence to meet the cost of the trip and monthly income, as stated on the application form, for example, if someone is paying for you then you need bank statements of the person paying for the trip, providing maintenance to the applicant in the UK or if it’s you paying then your own personal accounts to support this (which you should have anyway 🙂 with the below bullet).  
  • A bank statement which meets the requirements as stated in the points-based policy guidance relating to your UK Ancestry application. 

I provided three months of bank statements. Bank statements should be printed on branch-specific letterhead with the contact info for the branch where it was printed. If not, each statement should be stamped and/or signed. If they won’t do that, a letter from a branch manager confirming their authenticity and correctness will suffice.

Evidence of Property and Assets

  • If you own any property or assets then you will need either mortgage statements, property deeds, tenancy agreements, accountants letters or land registration documents.  

Evidence of Travel, UK Accommodation or Sponsorship 

  • Evidence of you travel arrangements so flights, accomodation bookings or travel agent documents. 
  • If you have a UK sponsor then you will need a letter of invitation from the sponsor, evidence of the UK immigration status, evidence of the sponsors accommodation and finances. So basically passport/visa’s, bank statement and tenancy agreements or mortgage.   

Evidence of Intent to Work

  • Resume/ CV (to prove that you can and intend to work in the UK)
  • Other evidence to consider:
    • Printouts of registration emails from UK job sites e.g. Reed, London Jobs, Indeed.
    • Communication with recruitment agencies.
    • Job Applications. 

Just to note you don’t need to secure a job before applying for the Ancestry Visa. The requirement is that you only need to show the intent to work which is why I used my resume as supporting information. 

Evidence of UK Ancestry 

  • The birth certificate of your parent (only the parent of the grandparent you’re applying through).
  • The birth certificate of your grandparent.
  • Marriage certificate (to support heritage if unclear).

If your UK Ancestry is easy to identify via the birth certificate then you will only need to provide the birth certificates, for example:

  • Your current surname matches your parents’ name on their birth certificate
  • On your grandparent, you can track your parents’ connection with their maiden name or surname.

If you can’t track the ancestry via the birth certificates then you will need to provide marriage certificates or adoption papers to prove the requirement. 

I remember being a bit bewildered at all the documents required and had originally thought I needed to get my mum’s birth and marriage certificate; my grandparent’s marriage certificate. The marriage certificates weren’t needed for my application and added another expense to the process. At least I now have copies if I ever need them.

Another example of a birth certificate I provided. Again it is a copy but an official copy from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Perth, Western Australia.

What if I Don’t Have my Grandparent’s Original Birth Certificate?

This is a common problem that people face when trying to apply for UK Ancestry visa. I was faced with this when I was applying for my visa as my granddad died when my mum was 13 years old and she did not have any copies of his birth certificate.

There’s a different process for British, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland certificates. Here is a list of the departments to get certificates for each of these countries:

For British and Welsh Grandparents

It is possible to order a copy of a birth, death or a marriage certificate on the General Register Office (GRO) website. You’ll need to register on the website to order a copy of a birth, adoption, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate for England and Wales. At the time of writing, certificates cost £9.25.

For Scottish Grandparents

As my granddad was Scottish I used Scotlands People to buy my granddads birth certificate. They even sent it to Australia! Which was fantastic and I didn’t have to apply in person. Go to Scotlands People and use the search indexes to find your grandparent (which is free). At the time of writing each certificate cost £12.

For Northern Irish Grandparents

You will need to go to the NI Direct website. It will allow you to order a copy of your grandparent’s birth, adoption, marriage or civil partnership certificate for Northern Ireland. At the time of writing a certificate costs £15.00.

Example of an Official Scottish Birth Certificate

My granddad’s birth certificate that I provided during my application.

There are quite a few questions on whether you can provide copies or require an original birth certificate for the application. 

As you can see in the photo it says that it is an extract of an entry from the Register of Births in Scotland. The certificate also has an embossed stamp, a unique number and states that it is an office document from General Office for Scotland. You will need to take an original copy or photocopy of the official birth certificate. 

The company that I used for my Ancestry visa actually questioned me if this was an official copy. I ended up calling General Office for Scotland who assured me that this is an official government copy and was accepted as evidence in my application, my sister’s application and my mum applying for her UK Passport. 

Fill Out and Submit Application

To apply you need to sign-up to the Visa4UK website, once you’ve signed you wil be able to see the latest questions! Plus there is an ability to delete your application so you can just start afresh when you are ready to apply.

When you select apply for myself it will ask for your main details and the visa type you would like to apply for, you will need to choose:

  • Reason for Visit: Work 
  • Visa Type: Non Points-Based Working Visa
  • Visa Sub Type: UK Ancestry

psst.. I have finally put together a post explaining the questions and answers I put for my UK Ancestry Application. 

Complete the online application, pay and then you will receive your booking confirmation for your biometric appointment. 

There is only a set amount of appointments opened so keep trying every day or so. If you struggle to get an appointment they now have walk-in days. For Perth the walk-in days were twice a week and cost an additional $95AUD so check with your visa centre what days they run walk-in appointments. 

With the new biometric resident permit (BRP) you will no longer get the full visa in your passport. They provide you with a temporary 30-day vignette visa until you collect the visa for a post office in the UK. In the application, it will ask you to choose a post office to collect your BRP from. I suggest choosing a central post office in the city or near your accommodation to make the collection easy!

Prepare Your Documents 

Before your appointment ensure that you have the following documents ready to take with you:

  • The printout of your online application form
  • The copy of your biometrics appointment information
  • All supporting documentation (birth certificates, passports, resume, bank statement showing equivalent of £1,890 and any other evidence).

Biometric Appointment 

Next your biometric appointment! Exciting. Take along all the documents, application and booking confirmation.

The visa application centre will take your “biometric information” which is fingerprints and a photo. At the appointment, they will scan your documentation and hand the documents back to you. Once your application is processed they will then post your passport back with your visa. If you have paid the $95 (based on Australian costs) you will get to keep your passport and they will issue the visa on the day. 

UK Ancestry Visa Processing Time

On average you will receive a decision on your visa application within 3 weeks of lodging your application but this may vary depending on your country of residence.

You can check the guide processing times to find out how long the your visa will take to process in your country. 

Other Useful Information

What is a 30 Day Vignette Sticker?

Instead of getting a vignette with the full granted leave, the Immigration Department now issue what’s called a 30-day vignette sticker. It’s based on your planned arrival date, for example, I’ve put that I am arriving in the country on the 8th of August then I have 30-days from this date to collect my visa. 

It is very important to make sure you choose your intended travel date carefully and it is what is represented on the application form when applying for the visa.  You will not be able to travel to the UK before this date. The permit will only be valid as of the intended date of travel if you cannot travel on between these dates then you will need to apply for an extension.

Can I Apply for a Vignette Extension?

Yes, it is possible to get a vignette transfer (extension). There would be an additional cost to your application and country dependent. There is another online application form to be completed similar to that of your initial visa application. The British High Commission will then provide you with a new 30-day permit to accommodate your new proposed travels.

Here are the details provided by the Visa and Immigration Department on transferring of a visa and you can find the latest fees here.

To apply, go to the Visa4UK website once you are ready, it is going through a beta stage at the moment the options may have changed but you have to start a new application. Then you need to choose the following options for vignette transfer to appear:
Reason for Visit: Other
Visa Type: Others
Visa Sub Type: Vignette Transfer

Complete the form and in the additional information explaining the reasons for the request. Then from there, it’s a similar application process as the ancestry visa.

What’s a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Card?

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is your actual visa and basically looks like a drivers licence. It holds all your immigration status and entitlements while you are in the UK.

Being a part of expat Facebook groups I occasionally see people lose their BRP on things like a night-out or silly travel incident, please, please, keep your BRP safe. It doesn’t cost too much to replace, it’s just a pain… A new BRP costs £56 if you apply by post, however, the processing time is 8 weeks and in person will cost more. 

Have you applied for an Ancestry Visa? What was your experience?

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  1. Hi Kat, do you know if I would be allowed to use a letter from my company showing my earnings rather than my bank statement? Only because I let it slip past the amount last month and I wanted to apply for next month. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      The bank statement is to prove that you will have funds to support you. Whereas your payslips only show that you have been paid and not that you have saved the money. Hope that helps!


  2. Hi Kat,

    My partner and I will be applying for the Ancestry visa. We are getting a lump sum shortly, that will be more than enough to support us when we are there. However, we have not had over $2000 in our accounts consistantly for the past three months. If we show statements of accounts for the last three months, and the last one with having $8000, will that be enough to be approved? Or does it need to be around $2000 every month in your account?

    Appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      I can only base on my experience applying and family members I have helped do the same thing. So when I applied I also had a lump sum and I had to declare this with a letter stating why I had a lump sum. For example a letter from my mum stating that I received x amount of money as a birthday present. This letter was signed by my mum and stated the amounts that she sent to me to accompany my application.

      The requirement is that both yourself and your partner need to have enough money to support you which I am not sure if they would say 2,000 is enough. You need this to be in your account before you apply and my knowledge around the visa is that it should be there for a month as a minimum but it is more successful if you have the money for 3 months. This is what I was informed during my application which is why I recommend 3 months as you want to make it as successful as possible!


  3. Hi Kat, very helpful article. I am also applying for an ancestry visa and for my family as dependants. We have no accommodation arranged in the uk as yet as we want to be sure the visas are successful first. The first page of the application asks for a uk address though. How should we approach this?

    1. Hi Peter,

      I just booked a hotel with someone like booking .com that had a free cancellation so I had an address but didn’t fork out any costs beforehand. Then you can cancel and choose a place that suits when the visa is issued. Just aligned the booking with my potential visa dates.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Hi Kat, great page thank you for putting it together!
    Just a question around timings; did you receive your booking confirmation for your biometric appointment exactly upon submission of the online formand payment? Or was that a follow up step some time later? How soon was the appointment set for? Was it in Sydney, on a weekday or weekend? Could you choose?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Tanith,

      I applied in Perth, my appointment was during the week as the biometric center was only open on normal workdays. I sent all my documents to the British High Commission in Sydney after my appointment but needs to be sent within 2 weeks after having your biometrics taken. The address I sent my documents to was this one:

      United Kingdom Border Agency
      GPO Box 2718
      NSW 2001

      I had my biometrics appointment on the 5th July and 23rd of July so only took like 3 weeks once I sent off. You have to submit and pay for your application before you are allowed to choose an appointment date. I can’t remember what the screens should look like but after you have completed the application and payment it should provide the details on how to book an appointment.


  5. Hi Kat
    I have ancestry ties in the United Kingdom and my mum’s birth certificate has my grandmother’s name and nationality as United Kingdom boldly written on it.But I don’t have my grandmother’s birth certificate. Other sites told me to search using the freebmd site. After a thorough search, there were about five certificates bearing the same name and also same date of birth.
    I don’t know the one to order know
    Can you help please??

    1. Hi Joyce,

      I’ve not used freebmd as I went to the source. Do you know where your grandmother was born i.e. Nottinghamshire which can help narrow it down? For example, my granddad was born in Renfrew which is near Glasgow so I was able to narrow down the area/hospital stated on the birth certificate.

      Where your grandparents married in the UK which you could trace back the heritage from there?


  6. Hi Kat I just wanted to let you know i’ve been struggling with questions about my UK ancestry visa for a while and this page was literally a godsend. Thank you so much for posting.

    1. Thank you Kathryn for your kind comment! Good luck with your application!

  7. Hi Kat, I’m applying for my visa on October… I have a few questions… I’ve applied for a visitors visa before to visit my boyfriend in the UK. They expected a letter of invitation from him and proof that he can also support me financially of I were to run out of money… Is this necessary for the ancestral visa?
    I work online and I’ll still apply for jobs to show in my application. However, I’ll be working online in the UK.. Do they ever check up on you to see of you’ve actually started a job in the UK?
    Are there any other documents like special letters etc, that are needed?.

    Thank you!
    Your page is a godsent!!

    1. Hi Cherry,

      I am not really sure in this case and I would call the immigration office to ask them personally. UK ancestry Version 16.0 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/576708/UK-Ancestry-v16.pdf from the home office it states that they will accept the following evidence; on the offers of employment or, if self-employed, business plan and/or company accounts. The requirement in my interpretation of it is that you only show proof that you intend to work with the evidenced mentioned above and that you have funds to support yourself.

      Hope that helps!

  8. Hello Kat,

    Thank you for creating this post! I am beginning my Ancestry Visa application, and found this very helpful. I am confused though about how to determine the cost of the trip. I am planning on staying in the UK for the full five years, so I have no idea how I would figure out what that is going to cost. Also, it would be much more than I currently have in my account because I would be working in the UK to cover the costs. I already have a job lined up that comes with accommodations, so my cost is quite low. Any advice on how to approach this section?


    1. Hi Tasmine,

      Do you mean the employment and finances > income and expenditure section? The this is based on your current earnings and living costs. In my application, I just put my Aussie salary and bills.

      With the job element in your application, you can provide the contract as evidence that you plan on working in the UK.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hi Kat,

        The part that is confusing me is the “what is the cost of the trip to you personally?” I am not sure how to go about calculating how much it will cost for me to live in the UK for the full five years. I’ve read some other places that people included flight, accommodations, and food. Some have put it monthly and just stated that in the “Additional Information” section at the end of the application. I’m just not sure how to figure out what I will spend over five years.
        My parents have given me money towards my visa to ensure I have enough in my account when I apply, since my income for the past year has been VERY low. Does that affect how much the trip will cost to me PERSONALLY, since they are contributing?
        Thank you so much for your help!

        1. Hi Tasmine,

          My application was awhile ago and I couldn’t get a hold of my sisters which is the latest application I did. On my application I had the following question “What money is available to pay for your initial expenses such as accommodation and food for yourself and any dependents (if applicable).”

          I put the savings amount I had at the time of applying which was $7,600.

          Otherwise, I am not really sure in this case and I would call the immigration office to ask them personally.


  9. Hi Kat, great website! Just trying to work out the 30-day vignette thing. I will either enter the UK on 5th or 15th November depending a few things. Would I be able to apply with entry date of 5th even if I entered on the 15th (just in case I can get there on the 5th after all)? I get the idea you have 30days to enter the country from Visa Start Date or am I reading it incorrectly?

    1. Hi Anna,

      The 30 days is from the start date of the visa. If your visa is issued for you to enter on the 5 November then you have until the 5 December 2018 to collect your visa.

      Hope that helps.


  10. Hi Kat

    Thanks for posting all the useful information, it’s hard to find recent posts about this application process. When did you apply in Perth? I’ve just applied and you can’t book an appointment with the Perth VFS Global office, it looks like you can only do walk-ins. Were you able to book? I also note Perth “doesn’t have a payment facility so you need to pay online”. That’s fine, but where do you pay online?! And you’ve said (and other blogs have also said) that you need to bring a printout of the visa application with you to the biometrics appointment. It seems that the visa application website is relatively new and is in beta and I can’t click back onto the complete application stage to get a summary to print! (Take note, anyone applying from after July 2018!) Were you just smart enough to print your application before you left that page or was the old website a bit more user friendly haha. Not sure you can help with the above or not but I’ll try and comment again once I find out the answers to the questions so it can hopefully be helpful to someone in future 🙂


    1. Hi Alison,

      I applied a couple of years ago and agree that it is hard to find up to date information. The last application I did was my sisters which was at the start of 2016. I am looking for someone to run through the application process with me so I can update my post to having the latest information.

      I have actually just tried the beta version for a new visa application of mine! It was the most stressful process and kept glitching out. At the end of the application, I had 3 options to choose for how I wanted my visa processed (post, premium and super premium (i.e. cost £10k), then the ability to book (it’s a UK office) this is where it kept having issues and wouldn’t show me appointments! It took me 2 computers, several refreshes and after an hour it finally gave me a slot! Then once I finally got an appointment I was asked to pay for my visa. Once I paid it then gave me all the PDF’s of my application and documents I need.

      The beta site does let me log in and retrieve my application, is it not allowing you to do this?

      I did get given a time for my appointment so it said Friday, 5 July at 11:00 at British Consulate Perth Level 12, 251 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA 6000.


    2. Hi Alison, if you used Visa4UK you should be able to log in and then click on the Print Application button on the right hand side (under Register at Commercial Partner). I could also access my application for printing by clicking on View Payment: this took me to a page where I could print my application, check what supporting docs I need and also see my Bio appt details (and print the booking confirmation) and lastly, what Visa fee I had paid or had yet to pay. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Tanith, I’d got through the visa signing page and choosing the post office you’ll collect your info in the UK and the next page was the book the biometrics appointment but there were no appointments that showed up. We went to a walk in and the guy in Perth (at the Channel Nine building St Georges Tce) is reaaally helpful and explained it was because it’s a busy time of year and the appointments were booked out (to August, more than three weeks in advance). They only release one day of appointments at a time when it’s busy so he got a day released and told us to book that and then use a walk in time earlier. Note for those in Perth it’s $102 (GBP55) to use the Perth centre (as opposed to a Sydney/Melbourne one) and it’s AUD$95 to do a walk in appointment as well as opposed to booking an appointment. Once we had booked our appointment we were then able to pay the fee and print the application. The fact there were no appointments released meant we were stuck in the process.

  11. Hi Kat

    I have recently applied for my ancestral visa, went for the interview etc.

    However, I know plan to only leave in the new year, is this possible or do I have to pay more money to postpone my trip.

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Ky

      You would have to get a 30-day short validity (travel) vignette. This is not something I have done so I can’t guide you on the process too well. There would be an additional cost to your application and country dependent. There is another online application form to be completed similar to that of your initial visa application. The British High Commission will then provide you with a new 30-day permit to accommodate your new proposed travels. If you go to the following website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/transferring-a-visa-to-a-new-passport-ecb17/transferring-a-visa-ecb17

      then fill out the form provided (I picked Australia as an example):

      Select the country you are making your application from

      Select the visa category you would like to see fees for

      Select the visa type you would like to see fees for
      Other fees

      Select the visa sub-type you would like to see fees for
      Vignette transfer (transfer of a valid visa vignette to a new passport or replace a lost/stolen document)

      The visa application guide can be found here:

      As the website is going through a beta stage at the moment the options may have changed but my understanding is that you have to go to the visa4uk website and start a new application.

      Then you should have options like:
      reason for Visit: Other
      Visa Type: Others
      Visa Sub Type: Vignette Transfer

      Complete the form and in the additional information explaining the reasons for the request.

      Let me know how you get on! Really keen on seeing how this process works!


  12. Hey Kat,

    This has been great information in applying for the visa. Thank you!
    Wondering if you might have any clue as to what my wife would need to do to join me. Does she need to apply for a separate visa? If so, which visa would she need to apply for?



    1. Hi Graeme,

      My understanding that she becomes a dependant on the Ancestry Visa application and there is a separate visa application in the online portal. The validity of her visa is linked to yours, i.e. you would have the same end date etc. I have not seen any helpful information to be able to point you in the right direction a part from go to the visa4uk website and fill out an online application.

      However, I did find a handy comment that might be able to help you out which is on the online application you select:
      Work outside the PBS (Points based system)
      Dependents more than 6 months
      A few pages later on in the application it gives you the option to select spouse of a person with UK Ancestry.

      They then submitted their applications together and included all their relevant birth certificates (minus the dependant certificate), included proof of funds and evidence of looking for work. Plus any other supporting evidence required.

      Hope this helps!

  13. Hi. Just a question on birth certificates. Are certified copies ok? I have a certified copy of my grandfathers birth certificate not the original.

    1. Hi Melanie,

      By certified copies do you mean birth extract? If you mean a birth extract than, yes, that’s what I used for my application. My granddads birth certificate states that it is an extract of an entry from the Register of Births in Scotland and it states that is an official document issued.

      If it is a certified copy for a justice of the peace then I wouldn’t recommend it. Some people have been successful and others have been rejected so it’s a risk you’d be taking.


  14. Hi Kat, I use a US passport when traveling and also have an expired South African passport which I had not planned on renewing. When applying for the ancestral visa, is the expired SA passport acceptable to prove Commonwealth citizenship?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Interesting question. Just going off general evidence, passports can only be used as ID up to 2 years after they have expired so if it is older than that then I would definitely say no. The proof is generally tracked through the birth certificates, however, I am no expert on the dual citizen requirements and this is an exception to the rule. I always think that the side of caution is always the best option and if this is your proof of being South African I would renew the passport.

      Good luck!

  15. Hi, Thank you got all the great information. I have almost completed my application. I have put 17th Oct as my arrival date. Do I have to stick to the actual date you stated to arrive in the UK or are you given a timeframe from the date the visa is accepted and issued that you can actually travel in.? Many Thanks

    1. Hi Lucy,

      It’s based on your planned arrival date. If you are planning on arriving on the 17th of October then I would put the 17th down. You will have 30 days after the 17th of October to collect your visa so by the 16/17th of November.


  16. Hi Kat

    Great information thanks, my question is I’ve been struggling to find my grandfather’s birth certificate. He was Saving the Queen in world war 2. Do you know where I can get the birth certificate

    1. Hi Sindi,

      I have included where you can obtain grandparents birth certificates in the article. Is there something particular you having an issue with?


  17. Yes I wanna apply for the ancestry visa

    1. Hi Sindi, I have sent you an email re your question. 🙂

  18. Hi Kat, this is a very useful platform you have created. I arrived in the UK from Southern Africa through the ancestry visa. I am now a British citizen. My application process was quite simple and straight forward and my visa was issued after 3 days of submitting my application. Now my 21 year old son wants to apply for his ancestry visa. He has just finished school and has not accumulated any funds. Can I produce my bank statements to show that i will be his financial sponsor and accommodate him in the UK? Many thanks

    1. Hi Angela,

      I would recommend confirming with the Immigration Department to ensure that this is still a valid option but as I understand he can be sponsored by either a parent, colleague or friend – it’s up to you. To be able to do this, the sponsor will need to send a letter to UK Visa and Immigration stating that you will act as your guarantor during your time in the UK. I am not sure what the letter needs to state but going on the general requirements I would assume that you need to also provide your bank statements (maybe payslips) showing you can support him.

      Hope that helps.

  19. Hi Kat,
    Thank you very much for the information provided.
    Our family is also planning to head to the UK. My grandmother was British. A challenge we face is that my wife has quite a few chronic health problems ie (Diabetes, Hypertension, Fibro). What access will we have to the UK health care system?

    Thank you


    1. Hi George,

      Basically, if you are a resident you get access to the NHS (National Health Service). Everything you need to know about the healthcare will be covered on the NHS website. Here are the best articles about how you can get healthcare when moving to England. https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/visiting-or-moving-to-england/moving-to-england-from-outside-the-european-economic-area-eea/ or https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/visiting-or-moving-to-england/how-to-access-nhs-services-in-england/.

      I am not sure how long wait times will be transferring and getting set-up with doctors (this is dependent on when you have a residential address) and specialist. My most serious illness has been my migraines where I have to see a neurologist. It took me 3 to 4 months to get to see the neurologist. Now I am on record so whenever I have a long stint of migraine episode I can call up the hospital and get an appointment for injections within 7 to 10 days.

      Hope that helps.

  20. Hi Kat!
    So i did the tier 2 visa a couple years back and now im doing the ancestry, now i cant go until march and ive been told they are doubling the cost of IHS from 1000 to 2000 pounds.. so i thought why not apply now and travel to the Uk on my ‘intended arrival date’ collect my BRP and then come back to canada for a couple months until i actually want to come. Would i be able to do this and collect my BRP OR do you have to wait for a BRP letter in the mail saying where it will be delivered too? will i be notified what post office i can collect my brp from before i arrive? Im just nervous i would show up for a weekend and i wont be able to get it type thing.. i think with my tier 5 i remember a letter come into the residence i was staying at saying i could collect it but i cant quite remember.

    1. Hi Hayley,

      The UK runs on an April to March financial year so prices aren’t generally hiked until the 1st of April each year. As long as you apply before the end of the financial year you won’t be impacted by the prices (based on previous increases). This is what happened when they brought in the NHS surcharge the first time.

      You choose the post office you are going to collect your BRP card from. That’s what happened when my sister applied, then she just went to the post office when she arrived with the acceptance letter (the one that says you are successful and it will include the post office address) and passport.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you so much for your help! really appreciate it!

  21. Hi Kat,
    I’m currently in the process of completing my online application and was wondering when you when they requested your current living expenses etc in Australia did you do this in Aus or GBP dollars?
    It’s a bit unclear as you can only put a dollar amount and unable to include symbols such as $.
    Many thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Lee,

      I put everything in Australian dollars :).


  22. Hi Kat! Thank you for such a helpful article! My grandparents divorced a few years after their marriage and my grandmother is a UK citizen, will the marriage certificate still hold as proof?

    1. Hi Isbah,

      As long as you can prove the ancestral ties via the birth certificates then you don’t need marriage certificates. If you can’t follow the ancestral ties using the birth certificates then you need the marriage certificates (I got them to be safe). I’ve never heard of anyone needing more than that, however, the Home Office would be the best place to ask if you are unsure.


      1. Thank you so much! I got the certificate just in case. Also, do I have to show some documentation for my son (5 years old). I do have sole custody of him but would they need proof as it is not mentioned in the Required Documents section

        1. Hi Isbah,

          You will need documentation for your son. Birth certificate, proving you can support him etc. As I don’t have dependents on my visa I am not sure exactly all the details you will need to provide.

          There are a couple of requirements which might be of help to you:
          So the first one is… That parent has had sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing. – which I would assume you need to provide evidence that you are his sole parent.
          The next set is pretty easy, so you need to show that your son is related to you as the parent which would be a birth certificate.
          You need to prove that he’s under 18 at the date of application which would be his passport and birth certificate.
          They are not married, in a civil partnership or leading an independent life, as he’s 5 this would not be the case at all!
          As the UK sponsor you will also need to demonstrate that they satisfy a financial requirement by having a gross annual income of at least £18,600 plus.
          Lastly, you need to prove that there is adequate accommodation and maintenance for the child, without relying on public funds. To cover this you would have to show your bank statements, financial stability etc.


          1. Thank you so,so much for all your help! You have put my mind at ease. Cheers! 🙂

          2. No worries Isbah. The Home Office will be able to confirm all the requirements (I couldn’t find an official page stating requirements) or when you are filling out the application it will prompt you for questions etc and you will be able to see what you will need to provide. You can start an application 70 days before submitting so then it will give you a better idea. Good luck.

  23. Hi Kat, I’m busy with my application right now, but I’m confused with the part of “UK Ancestry” and the “basis of ancestry”.
    Do I put in my name or my grandfathers name?

    This is what I did… but I’m unsure if it should be my info or my grandfathers?

    Basis of ancestry Grandfather
    Family Name Phillips
    Given Name Cherize
    Nationality SOUTH AFRICA
    Date of birth 09 Dec 1993
    Place of birth South Africa


    1. Hi Cherry,

      Please explain how you qualify for UK ancestry My answer: as someone who, at birth, was a citizen of the UK and colonies and has or had a grandparent born in the UK. – I went through a company so this is just the generic text they provided.

      So you could say as Phillips Cherize, at birth, was/is a citizen of the UK and colonies and was/is my ancestral tie in the UK.


  24. Hi Kat,

    Sorry, I’m still a little confused… So they have a section part in the application that is the “UK Ancestry”.
    in this part they ask about what the basis of Ancestry is…. Now I’m unsure if I have to write my own name or my grandfathers name… It makes more sense to fill in my grandfathers name, but it doesn’t clarify this on the application…
    These are the questions they’re asking in this section… Can you remember if you filled in your own details or your grandparents’ details?

    Basis of ancestry:
    Family Name:
    Given Name:
    Date of birth:
    Place of birth:

    Sorry I feel silly asking this question again… I’m just unsure of what I should fill in in this particular section.

    1. Hi Cherry,

      Sorry, it seems they have changed the application so that was my answer on the basis of Ancestry. The basis of Ancestry is you granddad so it would be his details, not yours.


      1. Thanks Kat, you are such a star!!! Thanks for all your trouble and help!!!

  25. Hi Kat,

    This is a great article so thanks for laying it all out. I did my first ancestry visa 6 years ago so completely forgot the processes. I have 4 years left on my Australian Passport and my question is, do I need to have 5+ years on my Australian Passport to apply? Or does it not matter as they give you a biometrics card anyway?


    1. Hi Sophie,

      No, you don’t need 5+ years on your passport. My passport expired while I had the old style of visa in it (vignette ones) and I just had to carry two passports around. Now the visa is on a BRP card it makes it even simpler as you just carry your latest passport and BRP card.


  26. HI Kat , thanks for the info.
    Quick question – did you require your grandparents and parents original birth certificate or did a copy suffice ?
    Kind Regards Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly,
      I got a birth extract from Scottish People so an official copy that stamped/embossed by them for my grandad. I did the same with my mums birth certificate (I didn’t provide my dads) went to the birth, death or a marriage office in Australia and got an official copy/extract from them.
      Cheers, Kat

  27. Thank you kat for the reseach. I have also applied for uk ancestry a week ago. Prays for you

    Good luck and best regards.

  28. Hey Kat,

    I attended the biometrics appointment (Melbourne) for my UK Ancestry Visa a month ago today and it’s now been 20 UK business days since I received confirmation that they had received my passport and other documentation at the UKVI Processing Centre in Sheffield. I’m obviously becoming a little concerned now as I haven’t heard anything since the acknowledgement email and I’m due to travel to begin my new job in three weeks’ time. I understand through some online research that August/September is a peak time for UKVI due to the UK academic year beginning and the associated influx of international student visa applications.

    I’m writing to you to ask if have you heard from anyone else, or if anyone else reading this, is experiencing the same delays or whether I should be concerned and there might be an issue with my application.

    Many thanks, Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel,
      It’s interesting it went to Sheffield as mine went to Manilla. The summer months are generally the busiest and with Brexit happening in the UK there will be an influx of visa applications at the moment (has been since Brexit was announced). I’ve personally not heard any delays at the moment, maybe call them and follow up?

  29. Hi Kat
    On my mum’s birth certificate, her mum’s nationality has been stated as United Kingdom.
    Nothing else has been stated regarding her mum’s place of birth or date of birth
    Do I qualify for an ancestry visa?

    1. Hi Manks,
      I find it odd that the birth certificate doesn’t have any of the details that a birth certificate would normally contain. I find it unlikely that this would prove as evidence in any case. I would suggest that you get a copy from the births registry office.

      Ancestry isn’t via your parents it’s by your grandparents. Are you grandparent born in the UK? If not, was your mum was born in the UK? Then you could potentially be entitled to right of abode and not ancestry. You can find more details about right of abode here: https://katsgoneglobal.com/applying-for-your-uk-right-of-abode/


  30. Hi Kat,
    I am applying for an ancestoral visa for my son via his grandfather (fathers side, my ex husband). They are going to give me copies of the documents i need, do they need to be originals? Doubt i am going to be able to annex the originals from them and if i have to produce originals , do i get them back to return to rightful owners?

    1. Hi Lee, yes they need to be originals or extracts from the registry office. As I mention in the article it was super easy for me to get a copy of my Scottish grandparents without needing them to be present. Getting Australian birth certificates was actually harder. They will give you back the documents that you send.

  31. Hi Kat
    Great article thanks!
    I am wondering whether it is possible to print off your 3 month bank statement (to reflect funds required to support yourself in UK) BEFORE you actually pay for VISA /NHS fees costs themselves?
    Ie. Is there a way/loophole to reflect we have the required funds to support ourselves and then cutting into those funds?

    Many thanks

  32. Hi Craig,
    For my latest visa I provided a bank statement less than a week old. I am not how long they expect the evidence to be fresh as I just did that. Even on the new style of applications there is no mention in the evidence guidelines how fresh they need to be. Can you pay the visa on a credit card? That’s what I’ve done each time to keep the money in my account and then pay it back on the last day my credit card/ get my bank statement printed before I do that. You could also look into getting a 6-month interest-free card (or whatever they do these days). Do you have enough saved that taking the funds out still means you have £1,890 left in your account? If yes then I would say it would be fine taking the chunk of money out but I’ve never paid for my visas that way. I would be really surprised if other people haven’t done that either.
    Cheers, Kat

  33. Hi Kat,

    I am getting a bit confused on all of the websites. You have mentioned Visa4UK. I have also come across VFS Global as well which I started to fill out. Which one should I be filling out first? Is it paying the NHS fees on the Gov.UK website and then going to Visa4UK? I’ll be flying back to Toronto in December for 3 weeks. I also was wondering if I can show my investments rather than my bank account as I am now living in the UK on a Youth Mobility Visa so don’t have much in my Canadian account it is all taken out and saved with a third party. Sorry last question but Ancestry Visa is also a Work Permit correct? Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea,

      As the Home Office states in this link https://www.gov.uk/apply-uk-visa you need to go to the Visa4UK website which is https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/account/register to apply for an Ancestry Visa. You will see this in Apply for all other visas
      Apply using the Visa4UK service for all other visas, including if you’re applying:
      for a UK ancestry visa

      Depending on the type of visa you will get directed to visa companies for that purpose but this is the right one for Ancestry.

      They won’t take into consideration investments, I’ve never been asked in any of my applications for proof of money outside of my bank accounts. Do you not have money in your UK bank account and just show them those statements?

      Yes, ancestry is a 5-year working permit which after 5 years you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Your two years won’t count towards your 5 years unfortunately as well.


      1. Thanks Kat! Unfortunately I haven’t kept enough in my UK account to show proof. I can grab my money out though whenever I want back home so I wonder if it’s enough to just get the company that has my money to right a letter saying I have more than enough with them. I mean it’s my money regardless if it’s in a bank or not. But let’s hope whoever is approving my visa thinks the same haha.

        1. The new visa application (at least for ILR) provides you with a list of evidence that you need to provide, this is the exact wording they provided me for the finances section.
          Evidence of your finances. Bank statements, building society savings book(s), pay slips or other formal documents as evidence of your ability to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants without recourse to public funds. Note, we do not accept internet or cashpoint statements as evidence of finances. If you claim that a relative or friend is providing you with financial support, in addition to evidence of your own finances, you must provide bank statements or other documents of the kind described above as evidence of their financial resources. The documents showing the finances available to you and to any person supporting you should cover at least the last three months.

          At the end of the day, it’s up to you what to provide 🙂 but I would recommend having bank statements available that will be able to prove that you get paid and that you have some money.

  34. Hi Kat,

    Sorry one more question. As I start to fill out the form it’s asking for Visa type. Would it be “Reason for visit” – Other, “Visa Type” – Overseas Territory & Commonwealth and then “Visa Sub Type” – Commonwealth Application?

    I couldn’t see anything about ancestry visa or work permit.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Reason for Visit
      Visa Type
      Non-points based working visa
      Visa Sub Type
      UK Ancestry

      That’s the fields you want to select.

  35. Thanks again Kat. Hopefully this is the last question. Underneath the “Have you made an application to the Home Office to remain in the UK in the last 10 years?” it asks for the “Date of application” for when I was applying for the Tier 5 Visa. Is this the date the application was started or the date it was approved? If it’s the date approved how would I find this?

    1. Hi Andrea, Not 100% sure what date that they would want you to use but as an assumption, I would say the date you submitted your application i.e. after you paid and they consolidate the information into the forms you take to your appointment (hope that makes sense).

  36. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for this article, it was a big help!

    I hit submit on my application, paid all my fees and now need to register with VFS Global but it doesn’t show Ancestry Visa or Non-Points Based Work in the drop down.

    Any idea what to select?

    1. Hi Jaime, I’ve never registered with VFS Global so I’m not sure what benefit there is doing so? It’s just another visa website for different visa types so I’m slightly confused the need to register. Cheers, Kat

  37. Hi Kat, I just filled out and confirmed my application. I am now in the stage of trying to book my appointment under the Visa4Uk website and only appointments to middle of November are being shown for Toronto. Is there a reason I can select December yet? Or I wonder if this is when I go through the VFS Global website. So confusing! I thought I could book 3 months out of my application.

    1. Hi Andrea, I am not sure why the appointments are only showing for mid-November. They may not have released any for December yet but you would need to call the Canadain office to confirm. In the UK they currently release appointment 45 days in advance, however, you can set your arrival date 3 months in advance (which might have been the confusing part re dates). I’ve never had to register to VFS Global website for any of my UK visas.
      Cheers, Kat

    2. Hey Andrea,

      When I booked my BRP this past weekend I was able to schedule an appointment for this week and I’m also applying out of Toronto.

      Not sure why it’s showing so late in the game?

  38. Hi Kat, I’ve just had my Biometric appointment. I was required to give them my passport, with all of the copies of my documents, and will need to pick it up in a few weeks after the decision is made about my VISA. On looking back, I am concerned that I shouldn’t have allowed them to keep my passport. Also, it was odd that the people at VFS Global didn’t even look at my original documents to ensure that they were the same as the copies. I used the online application service Visa4UK and chose my appointment to be in Toronto.

    1. Hi Christine,
      They need your passport to be able to put the vignette in your passport to enter the UK. It’s a normal process to hand your passport to receive a visa. I guess as a third party they have got a no care attitude now :/. Good Luck!

  39. Hi Kat!

    I loved all the info you gave on obtaining an Ancestry Visa. It answered soon many of my questions, so thank you! I just have a few more questions if that’s okay.

    So I have only very recently made the decision to move to the UK since I stayed with my relatives for a short time earlier this year during my Europe trip. I had two jobs prior to leaving and quit one, with the intention of finding a new one when I returned. So since my return, the last three months, my bank account has been fairly empty until the end of September when I landed my 2nd job and started making a larger income as I was only making small amounts of income from my 2nd job and I will be applying for my visa as of the 15th of November. I’m selling my car and will have a large sum in my account soon, which I can provide a letter or invoice for. So my question is, is the lack of funds flowing into my account for the first two months going to be a problem? Even though I’ll have more then enough of the minimum funds in my account when I apply?
    I am also sending my contract with my documents to prove that I will have consistent work up until I leave. I will also be living with relatives. So would getting a letter signed by them help my application to state I’ll be living with them?
    I’m just worried about my application being denied.

    My 2nd question is just regarding proof that you intend on working in the UK. Is registration emails with job sites, my resume and a few references from my current employers enough to show? Or will I have to show some correspondence with employers in the UK?

    Thank you so much for all your help!

    Also, is it very often applications are denied? In your experience?

    1. Hi Paige,
      Exciting time applying for your Ancestry Visa! Will you have your car sold by the time you go to the appointment? I think it is a really good idea to add the extra documents as you mentioned like the invoice/ letter explaining as it shows you got the money legitimately and it’s not a family member giving you money. Technically there is no explicate money requirement apart from you need to show enough funds to support yourself. I always recommend the Youth Mobility guidelines as visa officers are used to this and the old requirement was £1,600 so only £290 more than the new youth mobility guidelines. However, I don’t get updated whether people were approved that don’t meet those suggested amounts so I can’t comment on whether this will be accepted. Re accommodation you should detail in the family and friends section the family you are staying with and then add their address as the location you are staying at. It’s up to you if you want to add a letter but’s not a requirement stated that this is required.
      I only provided my resume for my proof of working, others I have known have provided jobs they have applied for and it’s mentioned as something you provide in the application process. You could reach out to a few recruiters to show that you are contacting people.
      I have not heard of any bodies application getting rejected but again people don’t really tell me if they are successful.
      Cheers, Kat

  40. Thanks so much for all the help Kat 🙂

    I hope to have my car sold in time, otherwise I have got an early Christmas present of money coming in also I can claim with a letter. Thank you again so so much! I’m so excited and can’t wait until I get to go overseas 🙂

    1. Hi Paige,

      Here is a sample letter if that helps, I used a similar format so I just changed it to receiving funds instead of what mine was for which was transferring between pay and savings account. Please note that this is not an official letter template so it’s up to you how you want to provide the evidence but mapping the evidence really helps (at least I feel it does). It’s a little repetitive in stating the facts….

      [Date] [Address]
      To Whom It May Concern

      I refer to the attached Bank Statement and explain the unusual/additional (whatever you wish to say here) credit amounts that I have received.

      The total amount of $xxx.xx was received in my Account (enter the bank statement here) on the following dates:
      [Date 1] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx] – reference any additional information here like supporting car invoice for example and attach to the letter.
      [Date 2] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx]
      [Date 3] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx]
      [Date 4] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx]
      [Date 5] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx]
      [Date 6] [Transfer Number] [amount of xxx.xx]

      This is evidenced by the attached bank statement clearly showing $xxx.xx was credited to my account. This money was received for the purpose of .

      I hope the above information clearly explains all the reasons for receiving the credit amount of $xxx.xx on the attached Bank Statement.

      Yours Faithfully
      [Applicant’s Signature]
      [Applicant’s Name]

      1. Thank you so so much for all your assistance Kat!

        I really really appreciate it 🙂

  41. Thanks for the article Kat, would my criminal record of 3 dui’s and a armed robbery (1 year house arrrest) which all happened 10+ years ago prevent me from getting a visa? I have a skilled trade and money to purchase a house if I get a visa as well.

    1. Hi Luke,
      Your best bet would be to chat to Visa advisor/ lawyer as it’s more complicated than the advice I can provide as this is based on my experience. The people that pick up the phone in the Home Office aren’t trained to be lawyers so you are best going with someone that focuses on the law. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.
      Cheers, Kat

  42. Hi Kat,

    I am looking at applying for this visa, however both my grandparents were born in India when it was under British rule. They are both British citizens and have British passports, however they were technically born in a British territory. Do you know if this will be a problem?

    1. Hi Madi,
      In the Guidance United Kingdom ancestry: WRK2.3 (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/united-kingdom-ancestry-wrk23/united-kingdom-ancestry-wrk23–2#wrk232-what-if-the-grandparent-was-born-in-a-territory-not-listed-in-wrk231) in WRK2.3.1 What are the requirements? it states the following requirements need to be met:
      Rules paragraphs 186-193Under this provision, Commonwealth citizens must be able to demonstrate that the grandparent on whom the claim is based:

      * was born in the United Kingdom and Islands (the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man) or,
      * if the grandparent was born before 31 March 1922, in what is now the Republic of Ireland or, was born on a British registered ship or aircraft.
      * Applicants must be related to the UK born grandparent by blood or adoption.

      If they can prove their UK ancestry, and the commonwealth citizen intends to take up or seek employment in the UK, they may be granted an entry clearance on the basis of his / her UK ancestry.

      A person seeking entry on the basis of their UK ancestry will normally be given leave to enter for five years. Shortly before this leave expires they are eligible to apply for settlement.

      Prior entry clearance is mandatory.

      it then states in WRK2.3.2 What if the grandparent was born in a territory not listed in WRK2.3.1? that…
      An application from a person whose grandparent was born in any territory other than those listed above, including a former British colony or military base overseas, would fall to be refused.

      Cheers, Kat

  43. Hi,

    Just curious if you know if a debit card can be used to pay for the fee or if it’s has to be a credit card?


    1. Hi Michelle,
      Yes, debit cards are accepted. Using a credit card just means that you can show more in your bank account before paying your card off.
      Cheers, Kat

  44. Hi Kat!

    Very helpful article. I am aiming to move between March – May 2019, however I’m wondering if I can apply for my ancestry visa earlier before the fees go up! Do you know when you have to submit before the fees go up in December ? And also when you apply and give your intended date of moving could I say April or it has to be earlier/closer to when you got the visa??

    1. Hi Hayley,
      I replied to your facebook comment as well. There is no announcement stating the date that the fees will go up. The latest article on the gov.uk website is https://www.gov.uk/government/news/increase-to-immigration-health-surcharge-gives-nhs-extra-funding which says it’s waiting for parliament approval. You can only select a travel date up to 3 months in advance so if you applied on the 28th Nov for example then you could put a travel date of the 28th Feb. Once your visa is approved you could then apply for an extension which I’ve documented in this article which will then allow you to choose another travel date with a fee.
      Cheers, Kat

      1. Thanks for the info! I’m wondering where I would look for any updates in the increase/when it will he implemented? I’ve been googling but still just days “December 2018 subject to parliamentary approval”. Is it as long as you submit your application before they increase that you pay the same rates? What if I can’t get a biometric appt until the new year and the fees increase but I’ve already submitted the online application? THANKSTHANKSTHANKS!!

        1. Hi Hayley, it would be on the Gov.uk website but as Brexit is a shamble I’m not sure they are focusing on the price hikes. As you pay fees up front they shouldn’t charge you anymore once you’ve paid even if your appointment is weeks away etc. It’s not normal for companies to retrospectively charge you. Cheers Kat

  45. Hi Kat,
    I applied for my UK ancestry visa a few weeks ago and have received an email saying its at clearance office , but I’m wondering how will I find out if I was successful ? will I get an email saying either way or have to wait for the return of my passport. Appreciate any advice. christine

    1. Hi Christine,
      I went through a visa company so I personally didn’t receive any emails stating that I was successful. I re-checked my emails to see if the company notified me and I don’t have any notifications. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! Hopefully, someone else that has gone through the process can comment.
      Cheers, Kat

  46. Hi Kat,
    I’m so happy I found this article – thank you! I’m thinking of applying next year, with my son – from NZ. I am trying to find out whether or not my retirement savings (from NZ) would be classed as savings/investment? I also have a personal loan, which I’d continue making repayments on while overseas – somehow. I’m a little concerned having this debt will go against me, as bank statements will show payments being made to a loan provider. Do you know much about how they review debt like this? After a year out of NZ I could withdraw the majority of my retirement savings which would help. Regarding my son – would I only need to have the £1,890 pp for us both, or do I need to have more? I have a partner in the UK who we would live with – is there anything they could do to help show they’ll support us financially? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Marie,
      I didn’t add my Australian superannuation to my application – is your retirement fund similar to this? I guess it’s a choice whether you wish to add it. I was in the same position where I had a personal loan but I only showed my savings account in my evidence which had my supporting funds, not the account I got paid into or where my bills were deducted from. My recommendation is that each person has over £1,890 but the more money to prove you can support yourself the better. It’s hard as there is no financial requirement apart from ‘you must show you can support yourself’ so this is based on the youth mobility visa financial requirement.

      I’ve documented what the application looks like in this post https://katsgoneglobal.com/uk-ancestry-application/ which might give you more guidance in the types of questions to expect. There are sections you can add that other people are supporting you and what not within the application.
      Cheers, Kat

  47. Hi Kat,
    You are doing a great job with great insight, But i still have a query, I’m am the 4th generation in my family. My Great Great Grand father was born in the UK (I have his birth certificate) He came to India with family during war times and his daughter had children here in India who one of her sons is my grandfather (Born in 1910 in India)Does this make me eligible to apply….

    1. Hi Steve, you can only apply if it’s your grandparents. Not if it’s your great great grandparents. Cheers, Kat

  48. Hi Kat
    I would like to complete our visa application (Ancestry) now as we are also freaked out about the NHS hike. We have just sold our house and are waiting for transfer to be effected. Can I go ahead and complete my application and get a letter from our attorneys confirming that there will be funds available before our planned travel date (11 Feb) rather than submitting 3 months bank statements? We are a family of 5.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      There is still no announcement that the UK parliament has approved this but I will update the post when there is. I think the government is to busy deciding on what to do about Brexit. The general advice is that you need to have enough funds in your account 90 days prior to your date of application. The people that I’ve known that have applied have provided bank statements to support this so I can’t confirm whether a letter from your attorneys would suffice. Either way you will still need to provide bank statements no matter if you provide a letter from your attorney. An immigration lawyer would be able to confirm if this letter would be enough for your visa to be approved before the money hits your account. Just on a side note you would have to show documentation as apart of your visa application explaining the abnormal amount hitting your accounts.
      Cheers, Kat

  49. HI Kat,
    I qualify for an Ancestry Visa and have nearly filling out the online form. My husband will be my “dependent” and somewhere in my research on this visa it said that he fills his in on VFS Global which you had mentioned you had not used. Do you know if this is correct?
    However, my main concern is the cost of the visas as we only intend to do a working holiday for between 6-12 months. From my research the health charge for both of us is 2000 pounds, the visas are 1032 pounds (516 each) and add biometrics test each of about $200 for both that comes to about AUD $5540. Does this sound correct? If so it makes a short working holiday very expensive and I am not sure we would go back within 5 years to make the most of it.
    Thank goodness I found your site as it has been very informative, thanks for clearing up other questions I had.

    1. Hi Lisa, If you are both under 31, by the sounds of it from an Aussie? Then you can apply for the youth mobility visa which would be way cheaper than ancestry. The cons are if you did decide to stay then it wouldn’t count towards your 5 years of IRL, you will be limited to more contract work than perm jobs but it’s employer dependent and a few other things. If you are planning on being here for up 12 months then the cons wouldn’t affect you too much.

      In answer to the fees, it would be over £5,000 for you both to apply.

      In answer to where he should apply it should be the Visa4UK website as stated here on the gov.uk website https://www.gov.uk/apply-uk-visa. My understanding is that it should be Working Visa>Non-points based>dependant greater than 6 months applications but there is little information to guide or confirm this. The UK Ancestry is under the non points based rules, lots of the articles are about points based dependants which are for sponsorship visa partner etc. This is the best advice I have found explaining the visa https://www.expatforum.com/expats/britain-expat-forum-expats-living-uk/571154-uk-ancestry-dependant-visa-defacto-unmarried-partner-our-experience-tips.html it is 3 years old but uses the visa path I mentioned above.

      Just as a side note you can also get the health surcharge refunded for any years you leave the country. Not sure of the process but I’ve seen on the website that it is possible.


  50. Hi Kat,
    I wanna know if I can apply for an ancestry visa since my grandmother was born in the UK. But my dad’s birth cert only states my granny’s name and her nationality. I tried to get a copy from the Birth Registry and it was still the same stating only my dad’s mother’s nationality and not her place of birth or something related.
    Is that enough to prove my ancestry?

    1. Hi Joe,

      Not knowing what countries it’s hard to advise too much but as you can see from the examples I showed for Australian and Scottish you can see the full birth certificate information. For example, there are different types of certified copies issued in England and Wales:

      A full certificate, titled ‘CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY’ is a copy of the original entry in the birth register, giving all the recorded details.[34] Information includes; name, sex, date, and place of birth of the child, father’s name, place of birth and occupation, mother’s name, place of birth, maiden name, and occupation. Certificates for births before 1911 do not show the mother’s maiden name, before 1969 do not show the detail(s) of the parent(s), place of birth and registration, and before 1984 do not show mother’s occupation. – Is your dads birth certificate a full certificate?

      The short certificate, titled ‘CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH’, shows the child’s full name, sex, date, and place of birth. It does not give any detail(s) of the parent(s); therefore it is not proof of parentage. A short birth certificate is issued, free of charge, at the time of registration.

      If you have what your country classifies as a full birth certificate (original or extract) then it would be proof, if it is a shorten extract then I suggest you discuss with the birth registry office and see what to do next.


  51. Great blog, I submitted everything last week and now the waiting game ! Thanks for all the information Kat

  52. Hi Kat! Does my birth certificate along with my fathers have to show our connection? In Canada it’s just our individual birth certificates with no parents.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      As I understand Canada has both long and short form certificates, the long form will include the detail of parent information. It’s standard on Aussie birth certificates so I just submitted that. Maybe another Canadian can comment whether they were successful with a short form. The internet in Mexico isn’t the best for research but the evidence needs to be able to prove your heritage.
      Sorry I couldn’t have been more help!
      Cheers, Kat

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