UK Ancestry Application (Explained)

Ancestry Visa Explained

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One of the most confusing things about applying for visas is the questions in the application and the evidence. What on earth do they expect you to answer and provide!? As it’s such a stressful process I wanted to make sure I could share on the information I entered on my UK Ancestry Visa.

As the process does change regularly make sure you go to the website before applying. This is all based on my information and when I applied. I have linked through all the official documents to speed up the process.

Disclaimer: Please note this information is based on my application and evidence (I’m not a lawyer or immigration advisor). The article is to help guide you on what to expect question wise and get you thinking of what to prepare. Your answers should be tailored to you and your information. If you are unsure reach out to the Home Office or my friends at Britbound who will be able to help you. Here are some other documents that may be helpful:

For more information about the visa process check out What You Need to Know When Applying for Your UK Ancestry Visa’. 

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and you should seek professional advice if you are unsure. Go to GOV UK to check if there have been any changes to the visa rule & fees.

Where to Start Your UK Ancestry Visa Application

The UK Ancestry visa is moving to the new application process so to apply you need to go to the website. Depending on which country you are applying from the website will direct you to the right place.

I’ve had a lot of questions about whether you should use VFS Global or were they come into the process. VFS Global is just like using a visa service such as VisaFirst and 1stContact. I actually used VFS Global for my Russian visa as they run a few services for different countries. If you wish to go with a visa service to submit your application then they are a company you could choose to use. 

VFS Global do run some of the visa application centres (as a contracted third party) and that’s mainly where they come into the process. This is where you do your biometrics appointment and get your application stamped.

Please note the UK gov have announced that IHS surcharge will be increased to £625 in the coming months. This means that the 5 years will now cost £3,125.

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    Start an Application

    To ensure you are directed to the right place (as they are migrating their systems) go to the website. The form will look slightly different from the screenshots in my application and included in the article. The questions are basically the same so the information in this article still applies.

    Now for the Questions and Evidence…

    Let’s go through the questions! I have put this in order of the sections within the online application and then added photos from my final application. You will notice that not all questions/answers end on the final application or in the same order so hopefully it all makes sense.

    Passport and Travel Information

    The Passport and Travel Information section is basically noting down what is stated in your passport or travel document so I won’t break this section down to much.

    Is this your first Passport? My answer was no.

    Then you need to enter your details of all other passports and travel documents held over the last 10years: Also state any non-documented nationalities you have held. I previous had a child’s passport so I entered these details and also submitted this passport along with my application as evidence.

    Are you travelling with anyone? I put no for this answer as I was moving here by myself.

    Date of planned arrival in the UK? i.e. when you planned to land in the UK

    How long do you intend to stay in the UK? I put 5 years for this answer (the length of the visa).

    What is the main address and contact details of where you will be staying whilst in the UK? I put the hostel that I would be staying at when I first arrived. Other options is hotel, Airbnb, friends or family etc.

    Example of my application:

    Ancestry Visa Application About You Section
    An extract from the final application. As you can see these should be pretty easy for you to fill 🙂
    Ancestry Visa Application Travel Purpose Section
    Example of the travel dates and purpose of travel section.
    Ancestry Visa Application Passport Information Section
    The passport information summary on the application.
    Ancestry Visa Application Passport Information Section2
    The passport information summary on the application.

    Personal Details and Travel History

    Personal details covers information like where you live, how long you have lived there and general information. The interesting section is where it covers your travel and criminal history, let’s begin!

    Have you been issued any visa for the UK, UK Overseas Territories or Commonwealth Country in the last 10 years? I put no as Australians don’t need visas to visit the UK or Commonwealth countries and I have never had a work visa. If you are country that does then put any visitor or work visas you’ve had here. A quick summary of information you will need if you select yes:

    • Type of visa issued – State the type of visitoror wok visa here
    • Date of Issue – Date of Issue as stated in thepassport or travel document
    • Date of Expiry – Date of Expiry as stated in the passport or travel document. If the passport ortravel document has no date of expiry please enter 01 JAN 2050.
    • Issuing Authority – that authority issued yourvisa i.e. British Embassy, High Commission, Consulate

    Have you ever travelled to the UK in the last 10 years? The one and only trip  (technically two entries) I had to the UK was detailed here. You can put up to 5 trips you have had to the UK. I suggest putting latest to oldest dates (just my preference).

    Have you made an application to the Home Office to remain in the UK in the last 10 years? I put no for this answer. Unless you have requested for Settlement or any visa like that then you answer will be no.

    The application then goes into whether you have be refused entry, deported, elected to leave the UK and any other country. Hopefully you will be able answer no to all these questions.

    Have you ever travelled outside your country of residence, excluding the UK, in the last 10years? I listed out all my trips, this needs to be as arcuate as possible. For my most recent application I was given 30 lines however it was a different visa but expect to have between 10 to 30 lines in the application to enter this. Again using the latest to oldest trip order. If you feel like it you can add a spreadsheet detailing your remaining trips but I didn’t provide a spreadsheet with my application Ancestry application.

    Have you ever been issued with a UK National Insurance Number? E.g. QQ 123456A Unless you have lived in the UK previously you won’t have a National Insurance Number. If you curious to know more about National Insurance Number I have detailed everything in this article. 

    The application then goes into criminal records, whether you are a terrorist and other information around your criminal history. 

    Example of my application:

    Ancestry Visa Application Contact Details Section2
    Ancestry Visa Application Travel History Section
    Ancestry Visa Application Travel History Section
    ncestry Visa Application Travel History Section2
    ncestry Visa Application Travel History Section2

    Family Details

    Family details is about your mother and father, your relationship status and whether you have children. This section should be a breeze.

    For evidence I only provide my mums birth certificate as my dad isn’t linked to my ancestral heritage to the UK. If the birth certificates can tie your ancestral heritage then shouldn’t need a marriage certificate. If linking the heritage isn’t obvious then marriage certificates are a must.

    Example of my application:

    Ancestry Visa Application Family Details Section2
    Ancestry Visa Application Family Details

    Employment and Income

    What is your total monthly income from all sources of employment or occupation, after tax? WhenI submitted my application I added what currency I was paid in so my answer was: AUD 3000 (for example).

    The Type of work undertaken – For this question I just described my field and put IT ProjectManagement.

    Do you have any additional paid jobs or occupations? If you have any more jobs add them here.

    For evidence I also provided my employment contract to support the employment section.

    Income and Expenditure

    Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares?  My answer was no as I didn’t have any income streams. If you do add them here.

    How much do you spend each month in GBP(£) on living costs? I actually put this in AUD and not GBP as it was the thing at the time. It’s just a summary of what you spend on rent, bills etc each month converted into GBP.

    The questions in the Income and Expenditure section is where people get the most confused. 

    For this sections first, work out the total cost of your trip: flights, hotels, meals, train tickets, everything, in the currencies you’re paying in. Then convert to pounds and calculate the total.

    Once establish the costs you need to figure out if you are paying for the whole trip or are you getting someone else to support your trip? If someone else is paying then did they buy your plane ticket? Will they be paying for the hotel stay? Are they reimbursing you for what you spend? Convert all that to pounds and add it up.

    How much of your total monthly income in GBP(£) is given to family members and other dependents? My answer was no but if your parents or anyone is supporting you add the amounts here.

    What is the cost to you personally of your trip in GBP(£)? I put a combination of my flights, accommodation and expenses for this. If someone is helping you pay for this then only put the amount that you are paying in this section so basically what is this personally costing you. I didn’t provide any evidence for this.

    The total amount of money you have for this trip? I just put what my total saving was for this answer, for example, AUD 8000. This was supported by bank statements as evidence.

    If you want to know how much to save before moving to the UK, I suggest reading ‘How Much Money Should I Save to Move to the UK?’. You can through all my suggestions out the window and wing it! In that case just have enough to show you can support yourself, I always recommend £1,890 as a minimum. 

    The cost of the aeroplane, boat or train tickets? Whatever you ticket cost to get to the UK. If you don’t have a ticket then find the most realistic cost by using Skyscanner etc. Slightly ironic that the advice is don’t book you travel before your visa is approved! I didn’t provide any evidence for this.

    The cost of your accommodation? I calculated my first months accommodation cost for this answer. I didn’t provide any evidence for this.

    The cost of your living expenses? I estimated this cost, for example, £600. It should cover things like transport, estimated food budget etc. It’s a bit of an odd question. I didn’t provide any evidence for this.

    If you want to know the cost of living in London I have you covered! It’s based on my costs living here. 

    Is someone other than you paying for all or a part of your trip? If someone is paying for a part of your trip this is where you add this. I didn’t have any one supporting me but having a statement from the person/ money in your account will help support the application (that’s just my personal opinion).

    Example of my application:

    As you can see in Employment and Income section, not all of my questions I had answered actually ended up on the final version. No idea why or whether this has now changed.
    As you can see in Employment and Income section, not all of my questions I had answered actually ended up on the final version. No idea why or whether this has now changed.

    Family and Friends in the UK

    Please enter details of what you plan to do whilst in the UK. My answer was ‘to live and work in the UK’.

    Do you have any friends or family in the UK? I didn’t so my answer was no.

    Medical Treatment

    There is a whole series of questions on whether you have ever received medical treatment in the UK. As someone that never had medical treatment in the UK my answer was no but if you have then put in the relevant information.

    UK Ancestry

    Finally where you put your heritage and how you qualify for UK Ancestry.

    How do you qualify for UK ancestry? Add your relevant grandparents details here.

    I provided my granddad’s birth certificate as proof, along side my mums birth certificate as mentioned in an earlier section.

    Do you have a job arranged in the UK? You don’t need to have a job lined up to qualify to move to the UK on Ancestry. My answer was no as I didn’t have a job.

    For evidence I provided my resume. The GOV UK website states that the evidence can be in the form of job offers you’ve received or a business plan if you’re self-employed.

    What is your English Language ability? English is my native language was my answer. If it isn’t just put the level of English you speak (not exactly sure the terminology you should use).

    What money is available to pay for your initial expenses such as accommodation and food for yourself and any dependents (if applicable)? My answer was whatever was in my savings account at the time it was just under $8,000. You should add the currency code in front of your answer so the answer should look like AUD 8,000. I also linked this to the same amount I had in the ‘the total amount of money you have for this trip’.

    For the evidence I provide 3 months of bank statements to support this.

    Example of my application:

    Ancestry Visa Application Employment and Income Details
    The questions in this section have changed a little since I applied, at least it’s less information you need to enter.

    Additional Information

    Is there any other information you wish to be considered as part of your application? I didn’t have any extra evidence so I put no for this.

    Summary of Documentation 

    In the bullets below is a summary of all the evidence I provided for my UK Ancestry visa. I go more into detail about how to get grandparents birth certificates and the process inWhat You Need to Know When Applying for Your UK Ancestry Visa’. 

    I find lots of threads asking whether the documents must be originals or copies can be supplied. Just to add clarity to this point always provide originals to be safe, don’t worry the documents are returned to you.

    • The printout of your online application.
    • The copy of your biometrics appointment information.
    • Current passport, plus previous passports.
    • Birth certificate.
    • The birth certificate of your parent (only the parent of the grandparent you’re applying through).
    • The birth certificate of your grandparent.
    • Marriage certificate (to support heritage if unclear).
    • Three months of bank statements showing £1,600 (which was the requirement at the time). Bank statements should be printed on branch-specific letterhead with the contact info for the branch where it was printed. If not, each statement should be stamped and/or signed. If they won’t do that, a letter from a branch manager confirming their authenticity and correctness will suffice.
    • Resume/ CV (to prove that you can and intend to work in the UK) and you can also include printouts of registration emails from UK job sites e.g. Reed, London Jobs, Indeed.
    • I also included my employment contract to support the employment and finances (not sure if it was necessary, just something else I did include).

    Hopefully, that has given you some insight into what information you need for your application. If you are unsure reach out to the Home Office or my friends at Britbound who will be able to help you.

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    63 thoughts on “UK Ancestry Application (Explained)”

    1. Hi Kat .
      Please please please help. What visa type and subtype do I apply for when doing my kids visa application forms . I am the main ancestral visa applicant , my kids are 11 and 8 so I can’t use the work option . Please any advise would be appreciated , I am very confused . Regards

    2. This is a great guide, thank you. You talk a lot about adding documents as evidence, I was wondering when/ how you do this? As I’m filling out the questions there isn’t anything asking for evidence, or any fields that will let me upload documents.

    3. Hi,
      You take the evidence to the appointment you attend to support the application. You don’t upload them on the system for UK Ancestry.

    4. Hi Kat, thank you so much for such great advice, it has really helped me through this process.
      I have progressed to an appointment for my Biometric Fingerprints etc. I wanted to go through VFS to buy some priority packages, but I can’t identify the Ancestry Visa in their selection of visa type. Did you go through this at all and if so, do you know which type to choose?

    5. Hi Kat. Thanks for great advice.

      In the section for UK Ancestry. I entered my Grandfather’s name on whom our
      application is based. BUT, when I tried to enter his date of birth, the portal would not allow me to enter a date in 1883. It only allows dates after 1889. Do I enter the incorrect date along with the original birth certificate, since there would be an inconcistency in our application?

    6. Hi Stephen,
      You need to put the 1889 date and then in the additional information state that your grandfather is older than the dates allowed – he was born in 1883.

    7. Hi Bridie, I’m having the same issue. On another forum I saw someone post that you should use “Employment” as the visa selection type. The closest that I see in there is “UKAD” which is UK Ancestry Dependent, which I imagine would be used if you were bringing children with you. Technically the UK Ancestry visa is a non-points based work visa, so Employment is what I’m going with. Hope that helps!


    8. Question Kate – when you finally submit the online application I assume that is when the appointment calendar appears so I can pick a date and time to bring in all the documentation. I intend to apply 90 days before I need my Ancestry VISA so its filed as soon as possible BUT I have to travel outside of my home Country before I an attend an appointment as I will still need to have my passport. Do you know if you are prompted with an appointment calendar that allows you to pick a date and time a month or so after you apply online? I’m hoping so as I cannot give up my passport until I get back to my home country (Canada). I plan on applying early June but need my passport from late June until July 13th. So the plan was to look for an appointment date and time right after I get back, July 14th …

    9. Hi Dan,
      Why not wait to apply until you get back from your holiday. Firstly your dates out of the country will be incorrect by a month which will be reviewed. It also seems like there is no rush if you are planning to travel in 3 months time so you will still have 2 months for your application.

    10. Thanks Kate – here is my dilemma: I must go the USA to finish off some contract work at a University in June and will be coming back to Canada on July 7th (my contract work ends July 5th), that is why I need to keep my passport. This information will be noted in my online Ancestry VISA application. Secondly, and I have been offered a full-time position at a University in the UK and it starts Sep 2nd. So once I am done with my contract work in the USA I can then forfeit my passport as I’ll be back in Canada. I plan on travelling one-way to the UK from Canada Aug 25th to get settled before I commence work. So the thought was apply in June (noting I will be finalizing some contract work in the USA) and then set an appointment up for mid July (when I’m back in Canada) so there is enough time to get the Ancestry VISA approved before Aug 25th travel. Its a tricky one but I don’t want to run the risk of not getting my VISA but Aug 25th… It would not be an issue if I didn’t need to get back to the USA but I have no choice with that need.

    11. Hi Kat – my appologizes for typing your incorrect name. I appreciate all the feedback you have provided and may consider paying the added cost for the priority services to escalate my application. Summer is the VISA Centre’s busiest time so I wanted to ensure I get my biometrics appointment earlier enoug to meet the late August travel idea…

    12. Hi Kat,
      So i followed all the steps as required and submitted my application. When i try to book my appointment it gives me multiple options like standard,priority,super priority etc … if i select a priority service it tells me to go to the website and pay for the service there. However when i go there under the visa type i am unable to find UK ancestry. Any chance u have any idea about that ?

      Thank you.

    13. Hi Akhil,
      I got asked this the other day actually. They couldn’t find my recommendation in the drop down, it’s normally non pointsbased visa the UKVI class it as. I didn’t hear back from the others that were contacting VFSglobal re options. The closest would be a work visa.

    14. Hi Kat,
      I’m a student that is applying for the Ancestry Visa. I have a job lined up but obviously not the required amount of savings in my bank account so my brother will be my “sponsor” in this regard. Do I provide his bank statement as proof as well as a letter from my university?
      Many thanks

    15. Hi Bridgette,
      There is no defined amount of saving – I just recommend aligning to the youth mobility visa as that used to be the minimum a couple of years ago. If you have a UK sponsor then you will need a letter of invitation from the sponsor, evidence of the UK immigration status, evidence of the sponsor’s accommodation and finances. So basically passport/visa’s, bank statement and tenancy agreements or mortgage.
      Re uni – If you are studying then evidence to support this like letter from your university or school and other proofs of studies.
      You can find a lot of your answers here:

    16. Hi Kat, do you know when I go to my appointment in Melbourne, do they take the birth certificates from me? Or will I get them back straight away?

    17. Hi Kat. Thanks for your very helpful articles. I am about to lodge my ancestry visa application and will then travel on standby flights to the UK (so I can book them at the last minute). I’d like to travel as soon as my visa is granted and so would like to put my intended date of travel quite early as I understand this is fixed and I cannot travel before this date. I can see the visa processing guide states that some applications are processed in under 15 working days so I was thinking of putting my intended travel date about 8-10 working days after I lodge my application, just in case I get the visa quickly. Do you have any experience with this/ think this is allowed? Thanks so much

    18. Hi Kat. I am in the process of applying for the ancestry visa and noticed that the application has changed. Many questions are deleted while some new ones have been added. I am stuck at this one question “Are you part of any social groups or do you have other cultural ties in your country of birth, nationality or any other country where you have lived for more than 5 years?”. Would you happen to know what the appropriate response to this would be?

    19. Hi Emmy, I need to go through and update the post with the new application but haven’t had a chance too. This is just my opinion, I would say… Yes, your home country where you lived, and your family and friends reside. Also if you have lived anywhere else for more than 5 years state that you have friends/family/relatives here.

    20. Jocelyn Hamilton

      Hi. Your information was so helpful. We got to the end and trying to make an appointment with VFS Global and they had a drop down for “what type visa” but ancestry visa is NOT on the list. There’s about 50 other types but nothing that resembles ancestry and no “other” to click so we’re stuck as we don’t want to make a mistake by clicking the wrong type. Can you help ? Any ideas of what else it might be under ? settlement? UKAD?
      Thanks if you have any idea.

    21. Cathryn Hasham

      Hi Kat,
      I’m applying for ancestry visa to uk and have all documents ready to apply but struggling to find the process online it keeps sending me back to the start..
      I’m applying from Australia

    22. Hi Cathryn,
      For Australia, you still use the visa4UK website, here When you sign-up fill in the application details, once complete it will open up select visa type:
      Reason for Visit: Work
      Visa Type: Non-points based
      Visa Sub Type: UK ancestry

      Then it should create the application.

    23. Hi Kat,
      Thanks so much for your brilliant blog and posts. Great effort and greatly appreciated. I have just been offered a job in the UK and I am applying for an Ancestry Visa. Can you please share your thoughts on the implications of Brexit on Visas i.e. Ancestry Visa for Australians coming to UK. Will the 5 years validation still apply?
      Regards Jo

    24. Hi Jo,
      Gosh that’s a hard question, the UK won’t really see the impacts until after Oct depending on whether or not it is a hard brexit. In my opinion there will be no impacts on UK Ancestry visas.

    25. Thanks Kat, appreciate is a bit like how long is a piece of string. Challenging to make an informed decision from afar and with only media reports of varying veracity to rely upon. regards Jo

    26. Dear Kat,

      I’m in the midst of trying to book my biometrics appointment for my ancestry visa application. When I click the drop down menu to try to find ‘UK Ancestry’ on the Vfs appointment booking form, it is not included on their list of visas. Is a UK Ancestry Visa called something else by Vfs Global ?…

    27. Hi Alex, It doesn’t exist for some reason and has been a bug for quite sometime. I just pick an appropriate one and use that. Kat

    28. Hi there kat ! Does your grandfather have to be born before 1922 in order for me to qualify for a ancestral visa ?

    29. Hi Kat,

      Wow great info! if you have had a (very regrettable) DUI in the last 4 years can you apply for an ancestral visa or does the record have to be clean?


    30. Thank you so much ! He was born in England so thats a relief ! Was stressing about it , and if I have a sponsor , who can I contact to notify them about it or can I just send in a letter with the bank statements saying that it is my sponsors bank account ?

    31. Hi Kat, firstly you are a legend and this site is a life saver. i have emailed the government site with questions and they just said they cant help me.

      I am planning to apply for my UK Ancestry visa in the coming weeks. I have been planning a 3-month holiday between leaving Australia permanently and settling in London. The date I am planning to leave Australia is the 1st May 2020 travelling to South America and a few other countries in Europe before arriving in London around the 30th July.

      A) Is the date that I receive my passport back in the mail with my 30-day vignette visa the start date that I have 30 days to arrive in London to collect my BRP from the post office and complete my visa? Or is it from the date that I have put in my online application as the date I am entering the UK, and from that date I have 30 days to collect my BRP?
      B) Am I allowed to apply for my visa this early from my planned entry date to the UK? I need to apply earlier that 3 months out as I will be travelling for 3 months starting 1st May before I arrive in London and settle in the UK from 30th July.
      C) is landing in Edinburgh considered entering the UK?

      I ask this as I am worried about booking/paying for any travel to South America in-case I need to go to London first, then have to head back to South America. I also do not fully understand if Edinburgh is considered an entry point or when I arrive in London is. This clarification will help me book my international flights and select the right post office in either London or in Edinburgh.

      Thank you so much for your help already with this site, and this will help me finally have the courage to submit my application

    32. Hi Alexa,

      A) it’s the date you put as entering the UK that the 30 days starts from. I would arrive within the first 10 days of the date though as some time they send it back.
      B) You can only apply 3 months before your planned arrival date which is annoying.
      C) Yes, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are all counted as entering the UK. Just make sure your BRP collection is in Edinburgh.

      No worries, let me know if you have any other questions. If you have any tips on Argentina let me know! I am going in September. Also just a heads up that August is school holidays here so it will be busy and expensive in London.

    33. Alexandra Kulukundis

      Hi Kat! Hope you’re well. This guide was extremely helping when I was applying for my Ancestry Visa! I have two questions for you.

      1. I submitted my application on the 4th of January and still haven’t heard back yet. How long did it take you to hear back? Did they alert you via email? Also after reading the most recent comments, I noticed that I put my date or entry more than three months out from the date I applied. Do you think that could have something to do with it?

      2. Do I wait to get my biometrics/fingerprints until after I have found out that I got the visa? I have an appointment set up but I don’t know if I should have made the appointment without getting an answer back about my visa.

      Is there a number I can call to speak about my application? I tried looking on the GRO website but couldn’t find anything.

      Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    34. Hi Alexandra,

      Your application won’t be processed or a decision made until you’ve had your biometrics appointment. No point calling them, then it will take a few weeks from there.


    35. Thanks so much for getting back Kat! I guess I should cancel my current application and resubmit a new one with a proper date of entry that is within three months of the date I submitted my application?

      Your ancestry visa explanation is so well done by the way. Thanks for posting all of this. After I read it, I started the application process!

    36. Hi Alex, Unless they changed the rules, cancelling means that you lose the visa fee and a bit of a nightmare getting the IHS fee back. Normally with things like this, they will contact you during the visa process or maybe change the date. While UKVI is expensive to call, it might be worth clarifying as you don’t want to lose that money! Kat

    37. Hi Kat,

      Not sure if you would have any idea on this but I can’t seem to find the answer online. I am currently in the UK on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa and want to go back to New Zealand and apply for the Ancestry visa to then return to the UK once the visa I am on now expires. Do you know if you can complete the online application while still in the UK and then choose a biometric appointment date for a date once I am back in NZ? Or do they just give you an appointment date and you can’t choose?

    38. Hi Kylie, You can definitely fill the form while you’re in the UK. I have heard of some people booking before they head back but I don’t personally have first-hand knowledge on this. Maybe post on the Kiwis in London group to see if anyone has done this recently.

    39. Whitney Anderson

      Hi Kat,
      Over the winter we organized getting all the documents required from the UK GOV website to apply for an ancestry visa. I’m Canadian. I waited for all the documents to come before filling out the online application. When I got to the documents section, it didn’t ask me to upload anything – It sent me to the IHS site to pay for 5 years of health care. It didn’t even ask me the questions listed above about working intentions etc.
      When do I upload my docs? I didn’t move forward with paying IHS fees because of Covid-19 the visa offices are closed and they aren’t recommending applying until they reopen.
      I am currently in Canada, wanting to get back to my partner sooner then later.

      It sounded like I could put all my evidence in my online application, get biometrics done ASAP and start the 3 month count down.
      What happens now? I put all my info online and then have to book an appt to give someone my documents? Thank Kat.

    40. Hi Whitney, I am assuming you didn’t get to booking the appointment and VFS global section? The UKVI part is simply filling out your information, there is no upload section, pay the IHS fee, book an appointment for biometrics and depending on the centre upload your documents in the VFS global portal.

    41. Hi Kat,
      Wanting to start the process for ancestry visa from South Africa.
      Do we need unabridged birth certificates for my husband and myself?
      Do we need unabridged marriage certificates?
      We have unabridged birth certificates for both children.

      hope you can help

    42. Hi Theresa,

      This is what you need to meet as evidence for the birth certificate:
      • the applicant’s full birth certificate showing the name of both of their parents
      • the full birth certificate of the parent through whom the applicant is claiming a UK ancestry link
      • the birth certificate of the relevant grandparent, clearly showing that they were born in the UK and Islands
      • legal adoption papers if the applicant, or the applicant’s relevant parent, was adopted
      • if the applicant, their parent or grandparent has changed their name since birth, suitable evidence of this – for example, marriage or civil partnership certificate or deed poll

      For more information please read page 15.


    43. Hi Kat,

      One more questions. When does the three months waiting period start? When you send through your application. Or from the date of you biometrics appt?

    44. Hi Kat,

      Thank you so much for providing so much detail and for being so helpful! You are a life saver!

      My sister and I are planning to emigrate from South Africa in December this year. We are in a bit of a pickle though – because of her job (she works in a hospital here and cannot leave before the end of the year) we can only leave on Dec 29 2020. We want to apply on September 29 so that we do not have to pay the increased IHS fee. This is exactly 3 months before the date we plan to fly out, and two days before the IHS fee increase – so we’re cutting it really close.

      What I want to check with you is this: when we apply, this will be online on 29 September – will we pay the IHS fee on that day, and not pay the increased fee as we are technically applying before the date of the increase? Or because our biometrics will only be processed later on, will our application count as a later one that requires us to pay the increased fee?

      Thank you in advance for your help!

      Warm regards,

    45. Hi Kat,

      I forgot to add my second question to my first comment!

      My sister and I are applying for our ancestral visas, through our maternal grandfather who was born in Scotland. Considering that we have to provide original documents at our biometrics appointments, and the two of us are sharing a whole stack of documents, what would you advise us to do at the biometrics appointments? Is there a way they can process our applications in tandem so hey review the documents for both of us? I have tried researching this but have turned up nothing. Hope you are able to help

      Thank you!


    46. Depends where you are applying from but a lot of it is online now so you don’t post evidence just hand over your passport.

    47. You pay for the visa, then you get details on how to pay for the IHS and then attend an appointment. Also, you have in normal circumstances 30 days to pick up your BRP card so you don’t need to fly exactly on the 29th.

    48. Hello I want to apply for an ancestry Visa, do I have to apply from my home country I.e. my nation or is anywhere outside of the UK alright? Can’t seem to get a clear answer. Thank you xxx

    49. You can apply from another country if you are resident there. You will need to provide the visa or passport that makes you eligible to live in the country you are applying from.

      Therefor you can’t just pop to a country if you’re a visitor and have the ability to apply.

      At the moment there are some exception where you can apply for visas in the UK but this is only if your visa is expiring and meets the requirements.

    50. Hi Kat! Thank you so much for your brilliantly researched post and answers. I am a medical student studying in Cyprus and I will be applying to work in the NHS. I need my ancestry visa in January as part of the application for the NHS, despite the fact that I won’t graduate until May – which is when I will move to the UK. Obviously this is before the 3 month period they want you to stick to. Can I apply earlier and put my date of entry to the UK as e.g. December, enter for a weekend to pick up my visa, then fly back to Cyprus to complete my studies? Or do they expect that your date of entry is the date that you will move to live permanently in the UK? Thank you!

    51. I would apply before the £625 comes into effect in Oct 2020. Just using the normal timelines as an example, apply before Oct, get a date to enter for Dec and you have 1 month to enter and pick up your BRP card. They expect your entry date to be when you move but lots of people do travel before they permanently move. It will impact you if you decided to apply for ILR after 5 years as you only have 180 days allowed out of the country in a rolling year.

    52. Hi Kat,
      Great little blog you have here. I had one question as I will be applying for an Ancestry Visa to the UK in the near future (just waiting for the UK construction industry to hint at a little rise), realising that I missed the October deadline for the NHS fee going up (but NZ was in lockdown and couldn’t do it anyway). Did you do your visa application on your own? When you google this it’s all “oh it’s so hard and complicated”, get a visa company to do it – but seems like you navigated this easy(ish).
      Thanks so much (hope your staying safe),

    53. I used a company when I applied for mine but for my sisters I just helped her do it. The company honestly I used was a waste of money and even told me that the birth certificate I provided wasn’t valid when it was. They had no clue what they were doing. If you’re going to use a company then I recommend Britbound and you can also get a discount with them. Just use KATSGONEGLOBAL and you will get 10% off.

    54. Hello Kat

      I am using my maternal grandmother as the grandparent who was born in the UK. I have my mother’s birth certificate and my grandmother’s certificate. Will I also need to submit my parents’ as well as my grandparents’ marriage certificates? Or are their birth certificates sufficient? I ask because I am having difficulty obtaining official copies of the marriage certificates.

      Thank you. Lee

    55. Hi Kat

      A further question about whether marriage certificates are required:
      Following my earlier question, all of us – my grandmother, my mother and I each assumed our husband’s name when we married. So, each of us used/s a different surname from the name at birth, which appears on the birth certificate. Does this mean that I must submit each of our three marriage certificates as well?

      Thank you. Lee.

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