Euston station – The lost tunnels

Posters at Euston Station

 Hidden London Tours

London Transport Museum runs tours called ‘Hidden London’. The tours explore the hidden parts of London like Euston station’s lost tunnels, London’s first skyscraper on 55 Broadway, subterranean shelter at Clapham South station, wilderness walkabout and Churchill’s secret station. They release about 17,000 tickets once a year and they sell out pretty quickly so sign up to their newsletter for release dates.

Euston station: The lost tunnels

Euston is broken down into two types of stations, one a mainline station and the other, an underground station. It was the first main line station to connect London to the Midlands in 1837. The first railways were privately owned lines, one company was the City & South London Railway (C&SLR) and another the Charing Cross, Euston & Hampstead Railway (CCR&HR).

The C&SLR and CCR&HR had separate stations, with their own entrances and ticket offices. Later the companies agreed to join the two stations with a passageway. The tour takes you through the hallways, ticket hall and still has posters hanging from the 1960’s.

Ticket hall at Euston Station
Ticket hall at Euston Station

The original station was demolished in 1960 and the Victoria line started construction. The tunnels were closed off to the public and not opened until the Hidden London Tours were allowed to provide access to the public again.

It’s a really interesting looking back at the history, walking around the tunnels and capturing a glimpse of the past.

Air Shaft at Euston Station
Air Shaft at Euston Station

Would you go on a Hidden London Tour? Which one would be your choice?

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