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11 Staycation Gift Basket Ideas

A staycation gift basket is an excellent present idea for the loved ones in your life who aren’t able to travel, or love to experience the feeling of a vacation from the comfort of their homes. 

There’s no need to book complicated flights or stuff armfuls of clothes into a suitcase when you can enjoy a fun staycation, with a gift basket filled with everything you might need.

From spa day staycation gift baskets to themed ‘holiday at home’ baskets, there are tonnes of staycation gift ideas packed into this article.

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Here are 11 staycation gift basket ideas, including where to buy them and how to make homemade versions yourselves if on a budget…

Staycation gift baskets

Spa Day Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: KateandBelleCo Spa Box for Anyone

A spa day gift basket is a great idea for mother’s day, or for family members that need a pamper. It’s also a lovely gift idea for new mothers who could do with a little relaxation, or as a get well soon gift for those feeling under the weather.

KateandBelleCo on Etsy offer a beautiful spa day staycation basket as part of their product range, that has customers raving in the reviews.

Their lovely gift basket includes:

  • A soft, 100% cotton eye pillow that’s scented with lavender and chamomile for ultimate relaxation.
  • A scented candle, perfumed with clove, berry, orange, tonka, and ylang ylang.
  • A pair of snuggly, cosy socks to slip on after a bath.
  • Shea and coconut bath salts.
  • A chai tea lip balm.
  • A ‘relax’ blend tea including Earl Grey tea, Tahitian vanilla, allspice, cinnamon bark, nutmeg and ginger – yummy!
  • A 1oz jar of pure english honey, along with a cute honey stirring wand. The recipient can add this honey to their tea, to enjoy in a long bath.
  • An Oatmeal milk and honey bath bomb.
  • A fizzy foot soak for a pedi pamer, scented with eucalyptus and spearmint. It also includes organic coconut milk to moisturize the feet.

All of those handcrafted relaxing products come beautifully presented in a staycation box, packed with aesthetic brown paper stuffing.

Check out KateandBelleCo Artisan Gifts on Etsy.

If you are on a budget you could instead put together a homemade spa day staycation basket with the gift receivers favourite products, complete with a satin ribbon and your own gift wrapping.

Here are some ideas for things you could include:

  • A facemask or two
  • Some bubble bath
  • A loofah
  • Their favourite skincare products
  • A lovely letter for them to read in the tub
  • A selection of herbal teas

Holiday at Home Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: DoorNumberOneLtd ITALY Staycation Gifts

A ‘holiday at home’ staycation gift basket is a fantastic idea for those who enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures. Create your own vacation day, themed around a country you would like to visit.

There are loads of lovely ‘holiday at home’ themed staycation gift baskets available on Etsy, including this gorgeous Italy holiday at home box by DoorNumberOneLTD.

The staycation gift set includes a selection of Italian themed travel gifts for the recipient to enjoy. This is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas gift for travel lovers, or as a surprise date night for your partner.

There’s no need to pack your suitcase to enjoy this Italian experience – instead cosy up at home!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Beautiful Italian themed postcards.
  • Italian themed wine charms – set of 4.
  • A soap bar designed to resemble a Venetian mask (handmade and vegan friendly!).
  • An Italian phrase book, so the recipient can enjoy learning some quick and easy phrases.
  • Truffle pasta – yummy! It’s 100% handmade Italian pasta for that authentic taste.
  • A bolognese herb mix.
  • Extra thin Italian breadsticks with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Gourmet chocolate pizza slice for something a bit different.
  • A 65g pack of freshly marinated lemon and oregano olives.
  • A lemon and pea risotto pack for easy risotto making.
  • 4 paper ice cream cups and spoons for enjoying gelato in pretty pastel colours.
  • A cute stress ball in a globe design.
  • A tiny cardboard suitcase in a vintage style.

This lovely Italian themed staycation box included products that are sustainable, made with recyclable materials. DoorNumberOneLTD also offers French, Japanese and British themed staycation boxes! Check them out here.

If you are on a budget, or you would prefer to put a homemade spin on the gift, you could make a ‘holiday at home’ gift basket yourself. Pick a region the recipient would like to visit and put together some fun bits around that theme.

Here are some ideas for a homemade ‘holiday at home’ staycation gift basket:

  • Some homemade recipe cards including dishes from the region.
  • Ingredients to make a dish or dessert from the region.
  • A movie from the region to be enjoyed as part of a themed film night.
  • Some imported snacks from the region of choice.
  • A homemade card including some common phrases from the region and how to pronounce them.

Glamping Staycation Gift Basket

SmileForAllOccasions Adventure Gift Box

‘Glamping’ or ‘glam camping’ is a great staycation idea for those who can’t travel, or simply want to enjoy a staycation close to home.

Whether it’s camping in the back garden or camping at a nearby location,camping is an easy and enjoyable staycation idea.

Give your friends or family members a fun camping staycation gift basket, and level up their camping experience.

Make it extra glam with this Adventure Gift Box from SmileForAllOccasions on Etsy.

This awesome camping gift box is full of tasty treats, outdoorsy snacks, a flashlight, some socks, a cool bandana and more!

If you’d like to put together a homemade staycation gift basket for camping, it’s super easy to come up with things the recipient might need.

Here are some ideas for a camping or ‘glamping’ staycation gift box:

  • Cute fluffy socks to keep their feet cosy in the tent.
  • Wet wipes, to help them freshen up in the morning.
  • Lip balm to protect their lips from the elements.
  • Some fun outdoor activity ideas written on homemade cards.
  • A cosy blanket for snuggling up as the sun goes down.
  • A mason jar filled with battery powered fairy lights, to add an aesthetic touch to their tent after dark.
  • Some instant coffee to be enjoyed in the morning, or a mini french press and a ground roast.
  • Items required to start a campfire.
  • Campfire songs written on homemade cards.
  • A s’mores set – gather all the ingredients they’ll need for some tasty s’mores.

Cocktail Lovers Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: TheGiftyGrape Bloody Mary Cocktail

There’s nothing better than sipping a delicious cocktail whilst on holiday. Give your friend or loved ones the gift of that ‘holiday taste’ with a fun filled cocktail staycation gift basket.

You could pick a region they would like to visit and research the nation’s favourite cocktail to make up a gift basket yourself, or you could purchase a pretty cocktail gift basket to surprise them with.

Here are some popular cocktails to inspire a homemade basket:

  • Bloody mary gift basket
  • Margarita gift basket
  • Espresso martini gift basket
  • Mojito gift basket
  • Irish coffee gift basket
  • Moscow mule gift basket
  • Manhattan gift basket
  • Long island gift basket
  • Pina colada gift basket

There are endless cocktails to try from all over the world! All it takes is a little imagination and you’ll have a staycation gift basket together in no time. 

Make sure to include the ingredients for the cocktail, a cocktail shaker, glasses, a shot measuring cup, cocktail accessories (like umbrellas and straws) and anything else you might need for a specific cocktail.

If you are looking to purchase a cocktail gift basket I highly recommend checking out TheGiftyGrape on Etsy, who offer a range of cocktail gift baskets, and also wine and beer baskets too.

Their bloody mary and margarita gift baskets are to die for!

Birthday Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: kitschandfancy Birthday Gift Basket

A birthday staycation gift basket is the perfect idea for your loved ones who like to travel but can’t get the time off/can’t travel for their birthday for whatever reason.

Give them a fun birthday gift that’s vacation themed, that they can enjoy at home.

A super fun birthday staycation gift idea is a tropical theme staycation basket. Whisk your loved one away to their own little island for the night, with this Tropical Cruise Gift Basket by GiftBasketExpressUS on Etsy.

It’s filled with tasty snacks that you might enjoy on a cruise ship!

If you want to make a homemade staycation gift basket for your loved one’s birthday, here are some easy ideas for things your could include:

  • Think of their favourite country or somewhere they want to travel too and purchase some snacks from that region.
  • Include a book from their favourite author.
  • Get them a t-shirt or a fun hat that’s on theme.
  • Bake a small birthday cake for them and include it in the basket.
  • Pop in a scented candle that incorporates herbs and spices from a country they’d like to visit.

Customise the staycation basket to them and you’ll have a memorable gift to give them that they’re sure to enjoy.

Game Night Staycation Basket

Credit: WhoosArtKirkland Game Night Themed Gift

A fun filled staycation gift basket idea is a game night basket filled with fun activities!

Games often feature as part of family vacations – think playing sports outside when camping or enjoying a few beers in the sunshine with a deck of cards or a board game.

Give your loved one the gift of a vacation-inspired games night, for them to enjoy with their partner, family or friends.

This is an excellent idea for a father’s day staycation gift basket, especially when the basket includes your dad’s favourite snacks.

Here are some ideas for a homemade games night basket:

  • Tasty snacks the receiver would enjoy. Think games-style snacks, like nuts, chips, dips, popcorn, pretzels and more.
  • Include some small games, like a nice deck of cards, sudoku, a set of dice, marbles, cribbage etc.
  • Wrap the gift in a basket covered in cellophane and make your own bow using the recipients favourite colours.

If you would like to purchase a game night staycation basket, check out this lovely one from WhoosArtKirkland, filled with snacks and mini games.

Chocolate Lovers Staycation Box

Credit: KingsleysDesigns Chocolate Treasures Gift Basket

We all have a chocolate lover in our lives that deserves a nice treat. This is a great idea for mother’s or father’s day, as an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, a valentine’s day gift, or even as a themed chocolate gift for the holidays.

Fill the basket with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hot cocoa supplies, ingredients for baking brownies and more!

A chocolate staycation box is a great idea for valentines day if you aren’t able to whisk your partner away from a trip, but would enjoy a mini romantic vacation at home. Customise the basket with their favourite bubbles and some rose petals for extra points.

Here are some easy ideas for a homemade chocolate lovers staycation box:

  • A chocolate scented bath bomb.
  • Chocolate scented bath bubbles.
  • A bottle of chocolate wine.
  • A chocolate box from their favourite brand.
  • Hot chocolate supplies.
  • Roses for extra romance points on Valentines day.
  • Brownie baking supplies for the holidays.
  • Chocolate christmas trees for the holidays.

You could even make a halloween staycation basket filled with spooky treats!

If your loved one loves chocolate and loves to travel you could gift them a homemade gift basket filled with chocolate and candy bars from a region they would like to travel to.

If you would simply like to purchase a chocolate gift basket for your staycation, or a staycation for a loved one, check out this Chocolate Treasures Gift Basket on Etsy, filled with delicious gourmet treats.

Cosy Movie Night Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: LaNessGiftsAndMore Family Movie Night Gift Basket

A lovely staycation idea is a themed movie night, immersing yourself in the culture of another country.

Take a dive into French cinema and enjoy some tasty French snacks as you do, or head over to Japan to watch an animated film and enjoy a sushi night!

A movie night staycation gift basket is a fantastic gift idea for those who love their vacations.

Here are some ideas for a homemade movie night basket, that’s on theme with a country:

  • First add in some comfy pyjamas.
  • Get the popcorn, craft beers and other classic snacks ready.
  • Add a few snacks from the country of choice.
  • Include a bottle of wine from the country of choice.
  • Include a phrase book from the country of choice.

If you would simply like to purchase a movie night basket as a fun gift, with no theme in mind, there are loads of great baskets available on Etsy.

Check out this Family Movie Night Gift Basket filled with popcorn, chocolates and candy!

Date Night/Anniversary Staycation Gift Basket

Credit: FavoriteFavours Weekend Staycation Basket

A thoughtful gift for a romantic date night or an anniversary is a staycation gift basket for you and your partner to enjoy.

Have a mini vacation at home together with this gorgeous Weekend Staycation Basket by FavouriteFavours on Etsy.

This ‘weekend away’ themed treat includes:

  • Fresh Clementines for a zesty treat.
  • Some tasty dark chocolate from Godiva or Lindt for a touch of decadent luxury.
  • A cracker assortment to enjoy with sausage.
  • Some dry Sausage to enjoy with crackers.
  • Cheese and jams to enjoy with crackers.
  • A cute dish towel.
  • Some Italian biscotti (which goes great with coffee!).
  • Mints to enjoy after the snacks.

This foodie hamper is packaged beautifully in a cute box and cellophane, making it an ideal gift.

You could also make a homemade weekend away staycation basket filled with your partner’s favourite snacks and drinks, if you are on more of a budget. Make sure you get a cute basket or box and decorate it for an extra special touch.

Hotel Staycation Box

Credit: ilovefatbabys Staycation Gift Set

Give the jet setters in your life the gift of a hotel experience at home, so they can enjoy a touch of luxury in the comfort of their own space.

A hotel themed staycation gift basket is perfect for those who enjoy their night stays at fancy hotels, and would love to experience that at home.

You could make a homemade hotel themed staycation basket including some spa pampering products, a good book and maybe even a gift card or gift certificate for their favourite restaurant, so they can deliver ‘room service’ straight to their home.

Include a selection of their favourite teas and coffees and even some miniature spirit bottles and beers so they can enjoy the ‘mini bar experience’ at home.

If you would like to purchase a hotel inspired staycation gift box, check out this lovely Staycation Gift Set on Etsy, that includes all of the pampering spa products you might find in a hotel.

New Homeowners Staycation Gift Basket

A staycation gift basket is an excellent gift idea for new homeowners or as a wedding gift for the newly weds in your life.

Treat the couple to a mini vacation in their new home with a basket filled with tasty treats and pampering products, and maybe a mini housewarming gift like a scented candle.

Here are some ideas to include in homemade staycation gift basket for new homeowners:

  • A bottle of bubbly for them to enjoy, along with two glasses.
  • A range of fancy snacks, like chocolates, cheeses, crackers, olives and more.
  • A nice scented candle for their mantle.
  • A gift card or gift certificate for their favourite restaurant.
  • A selection of nice teas.
  • A french press and ground coffee.
  • Baked goods like croissants.
  • A spa set, so they can share a romantic bubble bath.
  • A few items for their home, like matching mugs or a cute wall decor sign.

There are loads of great ideas to include, just think what the gift receivers would enjoy and add a few extra bits! Often a fun staycation box goes a long way, as it’s a nice experience and will create a lovely memory in their new home.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to staycation gift basket ideas, and you now feel inspired to purchase a staycation gift basket or have a go at making a homemade one for yourself! 

Staycation gift baskets are great gift ideas for the loved ones in your life, and they can be customised to suit the tastes of those receiving them!

Whether you’re struggling to find a present for mother’s day, father’s day, a birthday, anniversary or as a wedding gift, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful staycation gift basket.

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