What You MUST Book in Advance for a London Trip

1. Planning on leaving London or taking a day trip? Consider booking train tickets in advance will save you a ton of money.

For Warner Brothers Studio I would allow at least two months in advance to book tickets or earlier if you can.

2. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

3. Plays at the Globe can sell out so look at buying these in advance. The performance run in the summer theatre season, which runs from April — October.

The Theatres, Ballet and Opera are best booked in advance if you are set on seeing a particular show and at a certain price range. You can get last minute tickets fairly easily as theatres do get frequent no-shows and sell these spots.

4. Theatre, Ballet and Opera

5. The Sky Garden is slightly odd where it is a free attraction but to get a guarantee you can go inside you to need to book in advance as a limited amount of tickets are available.

Save money on London attractions by booking them in advance. You can easily save a few pounds! 

6. London Attractions

7. If you have a specific restaurant or afternoon tea you want to visit, if it takes reservations I’d go ahead and book.

England truly has so much to offer, and there are plenty of amazing places within a couple of hours of London. To make sure you get the best deals, book tours, trains and activities you don't want to miss out on in advance. 

8. Day Trips From London

9. For two months (July to Sept) of the year the state rooms in Buckingham Palace are opened whilst the Queen is away allowing us, visitors, to explore the Palace.

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