The Ultimate Weekend Guide to Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw’s history is well known, the city was destroyed in WWII and now is home to varied architecture from neoclassical palaces to Soviet-era blocks and modern skyscrapers. Here is my Ultimate Weekend Guide to Warsaw.



Learn the history of Warsaw by taking a walking tour. Warsaw Old Town was destroyed in WWII. Iron boxes put around the city to collect money to rebuild the castle. You could say it was in today’s terms a crowd funded project. It was rebuilt with the rubble with an experimental method, unfortunately, it has not been completely successful and the city requires more repair work.

Warsaw Old Town
Warsaw Old Town


The Royal Route, Warsaw offers a fantastic way to cover Warsaw’s historic sites and monuments. The route starts at Castle Square and finishes at Wilanów (King Jan III Sobieski’s personal residence).

Whilst walking around the lookout for the musical benches situated around the town. Warsaw loves Chopin!
The walk is about 11km long so I suggest stopping off at Aioli for a bite to eat and then take a little detour to the Soviet Palace which is the Museum of Culture and Science.

Once back on the Royal Route you’ll reach Lazienki Park. The park is home to ‘Palace on the Island’ and is the best-known attraction here.

Palace on the Island in Warsaw
Palace on the Island

Lazienki Park is beautiful during summer and offers free classical concerts around the park. We stumbled across a woodwind quintet.

Lazienki Park free classical concerts
Lazienki Park free classical concerts

If you can’t make it all the way to Wilanów, finish at Chopin monument. It depicts Chopin sitting in Lazienki, next to a willow tree.


If you are beer or cider lover check out Beer Heaven. With over 100 beers and ciders on tap the name totally make sense. It is total heaven.

Soak up the beer with some food, try Opasty Tom – Foksal 17 or Kafe Zielong Niedzwiedz – Smolna 4 for dinner.



On Sunday’s the Royal Castle, the Uprising Museum, the Chopin Museum and the Museum of Praga are free, a fantastic cost saving for backpackers. Be prepared for long queues.

My recommendation for the morning is the Uprising Museum. It’s located just a bit outside of the tourist area to the West of the city.


Try a Zapiekanka for lunch, it’s a giant sandwich traditionally with mushrooms and cheese. There are other variations, although they tend to come with the traditional base.


Visit the Royal Castle after lunch. It was the residence of all the Polish monarchs and was the first building restored after the war.

Have you been to Warsaw? What are your recommendations?

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