Cost of Living in Perth

Coles supermarket Perth

Cost of food in Perth

Grocery shopping in Perth, Western Australia

To get an idea of the cost of food in real time you can go to the major retailers like Coles or Woolworths and do a mock shop online. Just create an account and ensure you point it to one of their outlets in Perth. Add everything to your cart that you might buy currently and see what the total comes out to.  Some have a delivery fee if you want shopping delivered to your door but it is likely to be $10 or less depending on the value of the shop. If the shopping does result in a delivery fee then it might be worth it to pay it since it saves your precious time in a shopping center going up and down isles fighting a shopping trolley plus your car to get there and back. I love home delivery!

Choice did a comparison of everyday shopping with the major supermarkets across Australia.

Vegetable shopping in Perth
Vegetable isle Perth grocery shopping
Selection of shampoo

How Australians spend their money

Onto something a little more fun, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Money Smart made up some infographics on Australians spending in 2012.  ASIC also offer a budget planner which might be useful when calculating the costs of living for Australia. There is an online version including with a wizard or you can download the Excel version.

More about the cost of living in Perth coming soon!

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